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Future Claudia Dámaso, Eva Llamas, Laura Andreu..

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1 Future Claudia Dámaso, Eva Llamas, Laura Andreu.

2 WILL, WON’T NEGATIVE I You He She won’t be late It We You They POSITIVE I You He She ‘ll be late It We You They CONTRACTIONS: ‘ll= will won’t= will not

3 QUESTION I you he Will she be late ? it we you they SHORT ANSWERS I you he Yes, she will. No, it won’t. we you they

4 Use: · Use will/won’t + infinitive for future predictions. ( She’ ll be tired. ) Decisions I won’t have the fish, I’ll have the steak. We ’ll take the 6.30 train. Offers I’ ll help you with your homework. Shall I open the window? Promises I’ ll always love you. I won’t tell anyone.

5 USE: The future of there is/are = there will be. The future of can = be able to + infinitive. NOT I’ll can. We often use I think/don’t think..+will … I think he’ll fail the exam. I don’t think he’ll pass the exam. NOT I think he won’t pass.

6 USE: Sometimes in positive sentences with I and We, use Shall ( not will), but this is very formal ( for example, in a business letter). I shall write to you when I have studied your case.

7 USE: Use Shall I…? or Shall we…? When an offer is a question. Shall I pay? Shall we call you tonight at 7.00?

8 (be) going to We use this to talk about decisions, plans and intentions made before the time of speaking. We aren’t going to use the new boat for races. We also can use it to predict the future when we can see something is starting to happen. Look out! He’s going to hit you! Instead of saying “going to”, we can say “ (be) gonna …”, but that last is more informal.

9 Present continuous We use this to talk about arrangements for the future. They’re starting in four weeks’ time.

10 Exercise Choose the correct answer: 1We’ll have / We’re going to have a party next Saturday – do you want to come? 1The sky’s getting darker – I think it’s raining / it’s going to rain. 1It’s possible that in 50 years there won’t be / aren’t going to be any tigers in the world. 1I won’t study / I’m not getting to study medicine – I want to be a doctor now. 1I’ve got an appointment with the doctor – I’m seeing / I’ll see her at 10 o’clock tomorrow. 6People say that in 2020, computers will be / are beeing very small.

11 Exercise Complete the sentences with the correct future form. Ude the word at the end to help you. 1I’ve got a date with Paul tonight – I … (meet) him at 8 o’clock. Arrangement 1I’ve missed my bus, so I … (walk) home. Intention 1In 2099, it … (be) impossible to tell the difference betwen people and robots. Prediction 1I think Ellen … (break) more sailing records in the next few years. Prediction 1My parents … (visit) my uncle and aunt next weekend. Arrangement 1My friend Megan … (study) languages at university when she leaves school. Intention

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