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An FCCLA National Program

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1 An FCCLA National Program
Power of one An FCCLA National Program

2 General Info Power of One is a program for individuals to improve themselves, develop leadership, create better relationships, advocate for FCCLA, and positively impact their future Forms can be found on the Michigan FCCLA website Forms are due to the state by March 1st It is helpful to utilize the planning process to complete your projects This includes setting SMART goals

3 Benefits Individual recognition
Easy to complete along with a STAR event Opportunities for you to examine issues in depth Reach personal goals Explore interests Learn to set goals and make decisions Develop leadership skills Apply what you learn in Family and Consumer Science classes to your everyday life Teaches time management skills

4 5 modules A better you Family ties Speak out for FCCLA Take the lead Working on working

5 A better you This module is where you focus on improving yourself
Sample projects include: working on a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and exercise working on using your manners setting goals to work harder at school pushing yourself to try something new

6 Family ties This module is when you can focus on improving family relationships Sample projects include: trying to have more family dinners spending more time with your siblings or parents attempting to make your relationship with your parents or siblings better appreciating and thanking your parents for what they do get to know what your grandparents’ or parents’ childhood was like

7 Speak out for FCCLA In this module, the goal is to advocate for FCCLA
Sample projects include: using social media to inform others about FCCLA having your chapter’s accomplishments recognized in newspapers working on increasing membership presenting a PowerPoint to your school about your experiences at FLC, SLC, and NLC

8 Take the lead This module focuses on leadership development
Sample projects include: run for a chapter or state office position be the leader of a community service project organize a fundraiser for a charity write a letter to a state representative highlighting an issue you are passionate about

9 Working on working This module encourages you to focus on your future career shadow someone in the field of work you are interested in work on increasing your business professionalism learn how to create a resume or attend a career fair

10 Like the Michigan fccla facebook page!!!
If you have any questions, contact Michigan FCCLA!

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