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Attitude is a Choice—The Most Important One You’ll Ever Make

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1 Attitude is a Choice—The Most Important One You’ll Ever Make
Chapter 5 Life’s Greatest lessons 20 things that matter most By Hal Urban

2 How can you have a good attitude when your world is caving in?
How one thinks about events is far more important than the event themselves. Can you think of a time when nothing seemed to go right?

3 Dr. Viktor Frankl Placed in a concentration camp Everything was taken away from him
Saw many horrible things; he said the worst was seeing fellow prisoners decide that there was nothing left to live for, and they would give up on life. One things the Nazis couldn’t take away - his ability to choose his own attitude Even in the prison camp, there were always choices to make. We can become the victim of circumstances, or we can be victorious over them. Life is Beautiful

4 Changing the negative into a positive?
How can you turn a negative event into a positive attitude? List some ideas.

5 Why attitude is so important.
It is proven in studies that attitude is more important than intelligence, education, special talent, or luck. Up to 85% of our success in life is due to attitude, while the other 15% is due to ability. Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes. We can direct our thoughts to work for us or against us MJ What's inside you?

6 Your attitude is what you say when you talk to yourself
We all engage in self-talk Our self-talk is our attitude Do you need an attitude adjustment? Stuart

7 Three great ways to approach life…
The right approach to anything sets the stage for creating the results we hope for I've got a feeling...

8 1. Think with an open mind You’ll never learn anything until you learn to open your mind. Don’t think you already know everything. The purpose of an education isn’t to fill your mind, but to open it. The more knowledge you have, the more you realize how much you don’t know. Mr. Know-it-all

9 2. Think for yourself Don’t give up the right to choose your thoughts
You can do the things that are right, instead of the things that everyone else is doing Peer pressure

10 3. Think constructively People who succeed in life don’t think they can, they believe they can. No one can have positive thoughts 100% of the time…but don’t let yourself be dragged down by negatives. Comparing the human mind to a computer-GIGO. Feed the mind with useful information in order to function at maximum efficiency Keep out the garbage

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