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 Catch the attention of an employer  Get an interview.

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3  Catch the attention of an employer  Get an interview

4  A marketing tool that summarizes a person’s skills, experience, education, and other unique factors that make him or her qualified for a position, opening, or opportunity

5  Main purpose is to get an interview.  Other uses: ◦ Scholarship applications ◦ Entrance into graduate school or specialized training programs ◦ Award applications ◦ Part of a portfolio

6  Very much should depend on the purpose and position applying for.  All resumes should include applicant’s contact information.  Information about applicant’s education, training, experience, and skills.

7  Name, addresses, phone numbers  Website and email address  Summary of qualifications  Objective  Education  Experience  Skills  Activities  Honors

8  Target the resume to the position.  Incorporate language from the job posting/position description into headings and action bullets.

9  Is clear, organized, direct and professional.  Has accurate information.  Looks good on paper.  Focuses on accomplishments by using action verbs.  Is brief and easy to read.

10  Target your job.  Choose a format.  Draft your resume.  Edit and critique.

11  Chronological ◦ Work history, most recent first ◦ Preferred by many employers ◦ Best for those with a good work history who have advanced in job titles  Functional ◦ Emphasizes skills ◦ Best for those with limited education or experience ◦ Not well received Work with a career adviser if you choose this style  Combination ◦ Combines work history and skills

12  Define career goals clearly and concisely. or  Briefly describe the position you seek. Example: To obtain an entry-level retail sales position that requires strong customer-service skills.

13  Use action verbs and statements.  Show potential for more responsibility. ◦ Advanced from Youth Leader to 4-H Council Youth Representative  Show results. ◦ Provided club leadership for Habitat for Humanity community service project resulting in 50 hours of donated services. ◦ Promoted from caddie to grounds student supervisor.

14  High school and graduation date.  GPA if 3.0 or better.  Special honors. Example: Honor Roll.  Courses completed related to the job. ◦ Cousino High SchoolWarren, Michigan Graduation expected: June 2013 ◦ Computer classes: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

15  Not just a list of duties performed.  Specific and results-oriented. ◦ Promoted from host to waiter in two months ◦ Proficient in Microsoft Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop ◦ Wrote high school newsletter’s youth column three years

16  Demonstrate leadership and community involvement. ◦ 4-H Michigan State University Junior Scholarship, 2012 ◦ Outstanding Service Volunteer, United Way of Southeast Michigan, 2011

17  Keep to one page.  One-inch margins.  Consistent format.  Bullets, not paragraphs.  Avoid italics and underlining.  All-caps and boldface text make important words stand out.  Headers and contact info larger.  Easy-to-read font. ◦ Arial, Times New Roman, Palatino, Tahoma, Verdana ◦ Smaller fonts no less than 11 points ◦ Larger fonts can be 10 points

18  Spelling errors, typos, poor grammar (proof by reading backward)  Poor presentation (poor formatting, wordy, poor paper selection)  Unprofessional email address  Unqualified for job

19  List on a separate page.  Ask permission and give references a copy of your resume.  Choose wisely.  Recommendation letters need to be originals.

20  Resumes evolve over time.  Good resumes get interview opportunities.  Your interview “performance” secures the job.  What you put into your career management is what you will get out of it. “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light I have.” — Abraham Lincoln

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