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TECH Project Company X Documentation Plan Champion/Define Phase

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1 TECH 50800 Project Company X Documentation Plan Champion/Define Phase
October 2, 2013 Stephanie Sachs & Shane Hatchett

2 Champion/Define Phase
Project Background Project Alternatives & Selection Matrix Solution Selection Matrix Six Sigma Team & Stakeholder List Business Case Problem Statement Project Objective Project Scope Goal Statement Project Deliverables Project Schedule Stakeholder Analysis SIPOC CTQ Trees Voice of the Customer Analysis Rough ROI Analysis

3 Project Background Background Potential Solutions Company X has decided to implement a new software to document their business policies, processes and procedures. They want to train users and deploy a new process for managing their documentation. Software implementation with user training and business process improvement done by an external consulting firm. Software implementation with user training done by software vendor. Business process improvements analyzed and addressed by an external consulting firm. Software implementation with no formal user training and no changes to existing business processes.

4 Project Alternatives & Selection Matrix
These tools were not needed, as the customer provided the project. As there were various solutions available to meet the project requirements, we did modify the Project Selection Matrix to serve as a tool to help conceptualize the most effective solution (see next slide).

5 Solution Selection Matrix
A) Software implementation with user training and business process improvement done by an external consulting firm.

6 Six Sigma Team & Stakeholder List
Lean Six Sigma Project Team Principle Stakeholders Operating Committee (Leadership Council) Steering Committee (Project Sponsors) Director of Operations (Implementation Leader) Consultants (Project Leaders) Director of Sales (Team Member) Operations SME (Team Member) Sales SME (Team Member) IT Support Member (Team Member) Trainer (Process Owner) Company X’s internal customers Company X’s external customers Company X’s distributors

7 Business Case Company X Documentation Management Process Process Name
The aim of this process is to introduce a method of documenting and controlling policies, processes and procedures. Process Aim Company X does not currently have a standardized documentation policy or system. They are operating in silos and store existing documentation on personal hard drives or shared drives that are not accessible to the entire organization. Why? As Company X begins to expand to offices across the country, they need standardized documentation so that every location can have consistent operations. Why Now? Without implementing a system and strategy, the above organizational growth cannot occur. As new locations open and do not have documentation that tells them how to operate, Company X risks losing a high performance culture that drives towards meeting their financial objectives. Consequences of Not Taking Action 4.2 Release of FAST system (online customer portal) Windows 7 upgrade Other Projects of High Priority Financial objectives to grow sales & revenue Company X’s high performance culture Objectives Supported by Project

8 Problem Statement Problem Summary Problem Impact Company X has no documentation process. They are currently constructing policies, processes and procedures in a decentralized manner, with no control system or new-hire onboarding program. By not having a standardized documentation and control process, the organization cannot effectively onboard or communicate business processes. Problem Statement:: Describe the problem, opportunity, or objective in concise, measurable terms. Should include a summary of the problem and impact (a.k.a. PAIN). DO NOT to include the cause of the problem.

9 Project Objective The objective of this project is for Company X to:
implement Formatting Solutions Pro® software, train employees on the Information Mapping® method, and design/deploy a documentation management process and system using SharePoint 2013® technology, within the 2013 calendar year. Project Objective: clear statement of the purpose of the project CTQ = Critical to Quality Includes: process, CTQ characteristics, CTQ target, CTQ direction and the deadline SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, Time Bound

10 Project Scope Where does the process start?
The documentation control process begins as soon as an employee identifies a need to create a policy, process or procedure. Where does the process start? The documentation control process stops when a document is retired and has reached the maximum amount of time listed in the document retention policy and is no longer needed by the organization. Where does the process stop? Implementation of the software, methodology, training organization SME’s, building the documentation control environment, and 3 weeks of post-implementation support What is inside of the project scope? Post-implementation fixes, deploying the new system/methodology combination at new locations that open What is outside of the project scope? Project Scope: Answer the following questions : What are the process boundaries? What is out of bounds? What are the resources available? Who can approve expenditures? What are the obstacles and constraints of the project? What time commitment is expected of the team members? Are the right stakeholders present based on the problem statement?

11 Goal Statement Control the documentation process at Company X so that all sales and operations departments are constructing documents using the same documentation methodology, utilizing a centralized document repository, and following controlled documentation procedures to meet the organization’s 2013 objectives. Goal Statement: describes the team’s improvement objective Begins with the words “reduce, eliminate, control"

12 Project Deliverables Full implementation of the Formatting Solutions Pro® software on all company computers 12 employees of Company X trained and certified to write documents using the Information Mapping® methodology SharePoint 2013® documentation control environment constructed, 1 IT employee trained on maintenance Project Documentation (Requirements, Functional Specification, Design Document, Implementation Plan, Deployment Plan, Change Control Plan)

13 Project Schedule Define Project Team Champion/Define Presentation
Task Owner 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Milestones Define Project Team X Champion/Define Presentation Measure Measure Presentation Analyze Analyze Presentation Improve Control Improve/Control Presentation

14 Stakeholder Analysis

15 SIPOC Suppliers Inputs Process Outputs Customers Software Vendor
Enterprise-wide software installation Company X documentation control process Centralized document repository Company X internal employees Information Mapping Vendor Methodology documents Methodology for documenting policies, processes and procedures Company X internal customers External Consultants Training on software, methodology, and SharePoint Trained Process Owner Company X Process Owner Training Onboarded employees Company X employees

16 Voice of the Customer Analysis
Key Stakeholders Surveyed SWOT Analysis Company X’s internal customers Director of Operations Director of Sales Operations SME Sales SME Organizational Trainer Controlled documentation process High-tech solution Consultant expertise available Strengths Cost: individual software licenses required to write documents Intensive process to write document (not as simple as Word) Weaknesses Opening up new distribution centers w/SOP’s Employee skill development Opportunities Scared that leadership wouldn’t fully support the initiative, ongoing Timing of other projects Threats

17 CTQ Tree

18 Rough ROI Analysis By implementing this process, the organization will improve their operating efficiency, sales effectiveness, onboarding time, and quality controls. The organization is dedicating existing resources for this project, but a large investment will be necessary to bring in external consultants, and purchase the required software licenses. The downstream benefits of improving the process are significantly higher than the initial investment of bringing in consultants and purchasing software. The benefits include: Decreased costs associated with downtime of looking for processes Decreased costs of training time for new employees Increased revenue for new distribution centers able to open (~$5 million/year) Increased customer satisfaction

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