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MEXTESOL Mindful Teaching: Transforming Lives and Achieving Goals.

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1 MEXTESOL Mindful Teaching: Transforming Lives and Achieving Goals

2 Engage and Inspire Learners to success O What’s the goal to be an English Teacher? O How do we must be prepare to be better for our students, our colleagues and for ourselves?

3 To be a Teacher its not just standing in front of the students in order to listen, repeat and obey.

4 Our teacher’s role must have change and the teachers become a Coach, to be a part of them, to guide them with courtesy, friendship and awake up the curiosity for the English language as a Second Language.

5 Of course, when everybody is having a good time, it is set up in our memories. It is fundamental to have and give to our students a new view of English classes. Classrooms must be places where students feel comfortable and able to open their feelings to project what or how they could be able to express.

6 Teachers must be create strong links among students. Trying to discover their capacities, attitudes and skills to develop their knowledge and focus in our target of teaching

7 That sounds good! But how I’m going to do it?

8 Our compromise must be mindful teaching, transforming lives and achieving goals. O Motivation Give students challenging opportunities to be successful. O Constancy Motivation in self O Learning process We learn - we forget – we learn –we forget Acquisition

9 O Goal and self efficacy: 1. Mastery : We must prove to our students that they can be better day by day, improving for them not for the others. 2. Performance-Approach: Confidence 3. Performance-Avoiding: Encourage the students to talk and express themselves and take the risk.

10 LEARNER-CENTERED Learning is more meaningful when topics are relevant to students lives, needs and interests and when the students are actively engaged increasing understanding and connecting to knowledge

11 Our mission statement O Give students Challenging opportunities to be SUCCESSFUL

12 Learning Modalities/Brained-based/ Research/ Multiple Intelligences We are all different. Our students are all different. Each Class we teach is different. If we are truly conscious of our students needs, what we teach semester to semester must change because our students’ needs are necessarily different.

13 Letting go! O Letting go means to give students challenging opportunities in the classroom that lead to success, so they can gain confidence in their own abilities. This will be a greater benefit that anything else we can do for them. O We allow them to do this by giving them opportunities to revisit their goals regularly and assess their progress.

14 Remember

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