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Classroom Routines and Grading Policies

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1 Classroom Routines and Grading Policies
Ms. Terry 7th Grade Mathematics (Pre-Algebra) Room 509 Walter Stiern Middle School Bakersfield City School District

2 Class Routine Questions? Correct Homework Warm-Up Lesson Presentation
Guided Practice Homework: We will work through at least 1 problem from each section of the homework in class as an example of how to work each type of problem.

3 Ms. Terry’s Grading Formula:
50% Tests 25% Class Work 25% Homework 0% INFORMATIONAL ONLY (6th grade CST score for comparison)

4 50% Tests Students complete a practice test with the teacher before each chapter test. Students take a district prescribed test at the end of each chapter. The test is graded according to percent correct. Students may retake tests for a higher grade at lunch or after school.

5 25% Classwork Students receive a Chapter Assignment sheet (Stamp Sheet) with a complete description of daily assignments. Class Work is completed during class using Cornell style notes. Headings are on the left hand side of the page for easy access to examples of the current work. When students are absent, they must make up the Class Work by copying examples from the book for that lesson.

6 25% Home Work Students use the Practice Workbook for most Homework assignments. During class, we complete at least one problem from each section so that there is an example from each section to look at when they get home. There is homework nearly every day. Homework needs to be ready to be corrceted at the beginning of class.

7 0% INFORMATIONAL ONLY When you receive a grade printout, there will be INFORMATIONAL ONLY scores that do not get averaged into your grade. SIXTH GRADE DATA: This is your sixth grade score in mathematics. BEAT THIS TEST SCORE: This is a goal Ms. Terry has set for you based on your sixth grade data. BEAT THIS MATH WEEK SCORE: This is the goal Ms. Terry has set for you that will enable you to do enough work to adequately prepare for tests.

8 How can I help my child? Check your child’s school planner and Chapter Assignment sheet each day to see what has been assigned.. Encourage your student to choose extra credit puzzles from the back counter if they need more work. Encourage your child to ask for help in class, at lunch or after school.

9 Thank you for your interest in this class.
Please feel free to visit the classroom at any time. You may call me at to check on your child’s progress. You may me at I generally answer s during lunch and after school.

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