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Simpson County Schools: New Teacher Support Program A Proposal.

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1 Simpson County Schools: New Teacher Support Program A Proposal

2 Rationale National statistics indicate a high percentage of teachers leave the profession within the first five years of their careers. Data also suggests that the first five years constitute the greatest period of professional growth for teachers. KTIP provides a comprehensive system of supports for intern teachers, but there is little follow-up support for new teachers following their intern year.

3 Goals of New Teacher Support Program To provide on-going monitoring and support for teachers in years 2-4. To enhance the professional effectiveness of the teacher staff in general. To provide leadership opportunities for experienced teachers. To make earning tenure a significant and meaningful accomplishment in our district and to assist new teachers in achieving this important goal.

4 The New Teacher Committee Following the completion of KTIP, a committee will be established for each new teacher consisting of the principal (or designee), an experienced teacher, and an additional member with administrative or leadership experience. Training will be conducted for all committee members to become familiar with the goals and procedures of the New Teacher Support program.

5 The Mentor Teacher Teachers with five or more years of teaching experience may apply to serve as a mentor teacher. Mentors will receiving initial training and then meet at least twice a year to discuss their roles and progress of their new teachers and engage in collaborative problem-solving. Mentors will be paid a stipend (amount to be determined) and will agree to serve up to three new teachers per year.

6 New Teacher Committee Responsibilities The committee will meet with the new teacher at the beginning of the school year to develop a growth plan and at the end of the year to assess the new teacher’s progress and revise the growth plan for the coming year. Each committee member will conduct one formal observation of the new teacher each semester (twice a year) and provide feedback.

7 New Teacher Growth Plan Initially based on the recommendations of the KTIP committee at the conclusion of the intern year. An opportunity for continuous reflection, improvement and professional growth for the new teacher. The new teacher, in conjunction with her/his mentor, should collect and provide evidence of progress toward the goals of the plan.

8 Communication Seamless communication is key to new teacher support. The committee will provide continuous feedback to the new teacher regarding her/his progress. The mentor teacher will work with the new teacher and the Teacher Quality Coordinator to identify resources and opportunities to support the new teacher’s progress.

9 Communication, continued The principal may consider information regarding the teacher’s growth provided by the New Teacher Committee to inform decisions regarding renewal of contracts. The Teacher Quality Coordinator will use feedback from the committees to inform on- going professional development and other services for new teachers.

10 The Tenure Presentation At the conclusion of the new teacher’s fourth year, the new teacher will provide evidence of her/his proficiency in all the standards for teacher performance. Rubrics will be developed to help the committee assess the new teacher’s progress. A meeting will be held in which the new teacher will present an overview of her/his performance relative to the standards and answer questions or concerns on the part of the committee.

11 Tenure Presentation, continued The mentor teacher will assist the new teacher in preparation for the presentation. The principal may use information from the Tenure presentation to inform his/her decision regarding the granting of tenure to the new teacher. A celebration ceremony will be held each year to recognize teachers who have earned tenure in the district and the committees that have assisted them.

12 Advantages of new teacher support Providing more comprehensive support for new teachers. Providing more meaningful feedback for new teachers to improve their practice. Providing more data to inform decisions regarding the renewal of new teacher contracts. Further professionalizing the teaching staff of the district.

13 Next steps Establish a stipend for mentor teachers and third members, and criteria for mentor teacher and third member selection. Establish training materials and protocols for mentors and new teacher committees. Establish rubrics and protocols for the tenure presentation process. Include information about this program in new teacher orientation and training processes.

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