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Teacher - Student Relationship (The Relationship Teaching Model)

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1 Teacher - Student Relationship (The Relationship Teaching Model)
By Ass. Prof. Dr. Diyar Hussein Tahir M.B.Ch.B.-F.I.C.M.S.Psych. Dept. of psychiatry, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University.

2 What is the importance of Teacher - Student Relationship (The Relationship Teaching Model)…..?

3 So much emphasis is being placed on:
How to engage students in effective, profitable learning experiences. How to support the teacher’s ability to provide students with an opportunity to share in this knowledge.

4 So it is essential to observe:
We draw different conclusions when several students are struggling rather than just a few ...??? So it is essential to observe: * Is the instruction appropriate for the students’ language & learning needs? * What is the relationship between the teacher and students?

5 Teacher - Student Relationship or Relationship Teaching Model (RT):
It involves the incorporation of a number of techniques designed to enable teachers with differing personalities & varied teaching styles to develop human relationship skills that can lead to increased the student effort and participation.

6 Relationship Teaching Requires New Ways of Thinking and New Roles…!

7 Some general principles:
1- Believing in what you teach and teaching what you believe creates a powerful role model for our students. -Brenda Hurbanis Some general principles:

8 2- Student success is the engine that pulls the train.
-Richard Niewerth

9 3- Treating students as adults capable of making decisions about their education,
will create an environment that fosters participation in class and in the community. -Michael R. Edwards

10 4- To be successful in the workplace, you have to be confident and secure
in yourself. -Ashley Moore

11 5- A good setting for everyday is good, but flexibility lets me survive.
-Queen Williams

12 6- Try to see materials through students eyes,
with simplicity and plain speech. -Ben Brink Decrease Physical Distance

13 7- When I stop having fun, then I’ll stop teaching.
-Rita Gress

14 8- The ordinary teacher tells. The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. -Stephanie Russ Penn

15 Lessons from great teachers

16 9- The best tool to inspire students for me is to
share my own life experiences.  Learning occurs when knowledge is applied in real-life situations. -Mari Omori

17 Ways to build up good teacher–student relationship:
1- Sharing of the teacher’s personal informations: - As your name, degrees, teaching period……..etc. 2- Showing +ve attitude & personal interest toward students: As to give the students an opportunity to “introduce” themselves , attend games or performances with them, avoid criticize the students in front of their peers , & remember …there are NO really silly questions!!! 3- Recognizing the student accomplishments 4- Assisting the students with community As by doing researches in the community or doing works …..etc. 5- Teachers should have rich knowledge , open ear & have more personal interactions and communication.

18 6- Demanding Academic Rigor - By informing the students with the schedule of office hours & the grading system. -Build a curriculum and strategies which promote new insights and intellectual power for all students. 7- Utilization of Multiple Instructional Methods; through: - Paperless classrooms - Satellite transmission, videotape and internet instruction - Students teaching peers, small groups - Team teaching 8- Providing prompt feedback to the students Is important for student motivation and for revealing needs for subsequent learning. As by quickly returning the grades & offering a constructive criticisms.

19 Types and modules of relationship

20 Characteristics of good teacher-student relationship
1. Equality 2. Mutual trust 3. Friendly working relationship 4. Mutual respect 5. Mutual concern 6. Partnership and mutual dialogue Characteristics of good teacher-student relationship

21 Benefits of good teacher, student Relationship:
1- Makes students feel happy, & so leads to more effective learning 2- Enhances students motivation & so facilitates self-directed learning. 3- The learned skills & communication , enables students to build up a harmonious relationship in dealing with others . 4- Makes students attend the lectures regularly 5- Improves the students’ emotional well being & self–esteem. Ethic of Care

22 Questions?

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