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Every child, every school, every day. What’s the real product of Arts Learning?

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1 every child, every school, every day

2 What’s the real product of Arts Learning?

3 Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies Learning in and Through the Arts A Well Rounded Education Equitable Access to Success in School



6 Assessment in and Through the Arts Alameda County Office of Education’s Teacher Action Research Institute

7 Research Questions What and how are students learning in the arts? (Studio Habits of Mind) How can arts integrate with, develop and deepen student learning in other subjects? (Teaching for Understanding) How can we know what students are learning so that we can be more responsive and responsible for better student outcomes? (Making Learning Visible)

8 4 th Grade Classroom Teacher Comment “I was given opportunities to observe, analyze and communicate what I do in art in the language of CRT, SDAIE, SHOM, and TfU so that my 4 th grade teacher partner and I could analyze, plan and collaborate together to discuss curriculum, create activities and project, analyze and reflect on our own and our students’ work and plan for the future.”

9 Creating a fuller learning profile of every child Arts Teachers use the Studio Habits of Mind to see, name and assess how and what students are learning in arts classrooms Arts Teachers share profiles of students learning in the arts with classroom teachers to co- develop appropriate arts integrated curriculum building on students’ strengths, assets and learning needs Arts Teachers and 4 th grade classroom teachers engage in ongoing shared accountability for students outcomes in the arts and across the curriculum

10 Teacher Action Research helps arts and non-arts teachers focus together on creative ways to engage students performing at below basic according to standard measures, and develop a reflective practice

11 Looking at What Students Do, Say and Make Ongoing and Authentic Assessment Students demonstrate and develop their understanding through creations and performances that make learning visible for “just in time” revisions in instruction

12 On Line Tool Supports Reflection, Coaching, and Public Accountability

13 Changes in Teachers’ Practice

14 Principal’s Observations of Changes in Teacher Practice “More art happening in 4 th in a way that expands to ELA curriculum. More energized and interested in working with students.” “She is using more of the academic language that gets children to talk about their meta-cognition.” “It is great to see art and classroom teachers collaborate in a structured way around culturally responsive practices.” “I am very excited that equity as well as differentiation was embedded in the TARI training.” “Students are very excited and motivated to begin working. Adjustments to the level of expertise was always offered in creating tasks for all students. The training promoted equitable lesson presentations and global participation.”

15 Connecting California Through County Offices and Regional Arts Learning Leadership CCSESA Arts Learning Initiative Professional Community of Learners

16 Our Challenge “To use only standardized achievement tests is like casting a net into the sea -- a net that is intentionally designed to let the most interesting fish get away. Then, to describe the ones that are caught strictly in terms of their weight and length is to radically reduce what we know about them. To further conclude that all the contents of the sea consist of fish like those in the net compounds the error further. We need more kinds of fish. We need to know more about those we catch. We need new nets.” William T. Randall

17 We Believe

18 Understand Art World Stretch & Explore Reflect Engage & Persist Observe Develop Craft Envision Express STUDIO HABITS OF MIND

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