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Lesson 2 day 2. Question of the Day If you were an author, what would you write about? I would like to write about ___.

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1 Lesson 2 day 2

2 Question of the Day If you were an author, what would you write about? I would like to write about ___.

3 Today’s Read Aloud How to Dunk First, you get some gravy, Then pour it in a bowl. When you’re sure it’s nice and warm, Find yourself a roll. Then, you dunk that piece of bread And you take a bite. If you dunk and eat this way, You’re doing it just right!

4 How to Dunk What is the purpose for listening to a poem? For fun or to listen for rhyming words. What is the topic of the poem? Which words in the poem rhyme? Why did the writer write this poem?

5 Root Words; Endings –ed, -ing Remember yesterday when we talked about: The rabbits jump. The verb jump is the root word and tells what the rabbits do. When we add –ing to jump, the word jumping tells us that something is happening now. When we add –ed to jump, the word jumped tells us that the rabbits jumped in the past.

6 Root Words; Endings –ed, -ing When a base word has a final e, the e must be dropped when the ending –ed or –ing is added. What happens to the final e in bake when it is changed to baked and baking? 1.Bake + ed= BakedBake + ing= Baking 2.Shave +ed= ShavedShave + ing= Shaving

7 Root Words; Endings –ed, -ing 3. Move + ed= movedMove + ing= moving 4. Chase + ed= chasedChase + ing= Chasing 5. Stare + ed= staredStare + ing= Staring Now you do the rest of them! 6. Ride + ing= 7. Take + ing= 8. Chase + ing= 9. Love + ed= 10. Like + ed= 11. Shine + ed= T136

8 Root Words; Endings –ed, -ing Remind students that if a base word ends with e, the e is dropped before the endings –ed and –ing are added. Write these words in your notebook with these two endings –ed and –ing. WakeHaveDance

9 Robust Vocabulary When we have special visitors at school, we have an assembly. There was plenty of food, so everyone had enough to eat. If a bad storm is coming, the principal will dismiss school early. The students squirmed and wriggled in their seats My grandma used scraps of fabric to make a patchwork quilt. The famous singer autographed my program, signing across her picture.

10 Robust Vocabulary Open your books to page 54 and 55! Let’s take turns reading Author in the School. Where do you think the assembly was held? Explain. Would a month be plenty of time to read a book? Why or why not? What did the students probably begin to do when Mr. Garcia dismissed them? If some of the students squirmed, what were they doing? Why does the library table look like a patchwork? Why was it exciting for winners to get an autographed copy of Ms. Hill’s Book? T138

11 The Day Eddie Met the Author Genre: Realistic Fiction Realistic Fiction is a story that can happen in real life. Draw this graphic organizer and fill it out as we read the story. Characters Setting Story Events

12 The Day Eddie Met the Author What is happening on October 10? Why do you think the whole school has been waiting? How do you think Eddie feels about the author’s visit? Does Eddie like the books the author wrote? How can you tell? Where is Eddie? How do you know? Why does Eddie write the note? T142-143

13 The Day Eddie Met the Author Pages 62 and 63 What is the setting now? Did you think an author would look different than a mother or teacher? Why or why not? How can you tell that Mrs. Morrow’s students are paying attention? Is Eddie enjoying the assembly? How do you know? How do the students feel? How do you know? Will the author answer Eddie’s question? Why or why not? T144-145

14 The Day Eddie Met the Author Pages 66-67 Which question do you think is best? Why? Why does the author answer other students’ questions but not Eddie’s? Do you think Eddie will get to ask his question? How? Does the author know that Eddie has an important question to ask? What kind of person is the author? Why do you think that? What is the setting now? T146-147

15 The Day Eddie Met the Author Pages 70-71 Why do other students crowd around Eddie and the author? What does the author mean when she says, “Now that is a thinking question”? Why does Eddie think the author’s smile is like a big, warm hug? Can every writer learn from the author’s answer? Why or why not? What makes Eddie happy? Look at page 74. How can you tell Eddie listened to the author? T148-149

16 The Day Eddie Met the Author Thinking Critically How does Eddie feel before the assembly? How can you tell? How does the author make Eddie and the setting seem realistic? Who would you most like to have as a visitor to your school? Explain your reasons. What does Eddie do during the assembly that shows he is excited about asking his questions? T150

17 Check Comprehension Who are the main characters? What was the setting?

18 DOL do you like to read! can I borrow that book.

19 Commands and Exclamations It was the most exciting day! I met my favorite author! Both of these sentences have exclamations. That means these sentences should be read with excitement or storng feeling.

20 Commands and Exclamations Please put the correct end mark on these two sentences. The author answered my question She signed my book Now write two sentences as exclamations. T154

21 Writing: Interview When a writer is planning an interview, he or she often prepares questions to ask what a person is like, what a person does, and what a person thinks or believes. Interviewers have to take down the answers accurately so they can write them exactly.

22 Interview What would you ask a classmate? Work with a partner and think of 4 things that you would want to ask a classmate.

23 Interview For example we might ask a classmate: What is the most exciting or interesting thing that has ever happened to you? What is your favorite thing to do? What have you conquered?

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