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What do teenagers eat nowadays?

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1 What do teenagers eat nowadays?
Let’s see why more and more people get fat without knowing the reason. Ilaci Adelin

2 The main reason! The reason why kids and teenagers get fat , obese is the food they eat. More and more people prefer to eat fast food instead of cooked food because it takes less time or it tastes better. Is it healthy as it tastes ? The answer is undisputable NO!

3 Questionnaire. 1. What is your favorite food?
Mike : My favourite food is McChicken. Conrad : I like all kinds of fost food. 2. What do you prefer more? Food cooked in the house or the fast food? Mike : I like fast food and cooked food but I rarely eat cooked food because I don’t have time to prepare it. Conrad: Fast food is my life. 3. Why do you like fast food? Mike : Because you can quickly prepare or buy it. Conrad: It has a very good taste. 4. You think the fast food is healthy? Mike : I know it isn't healthy, but it is tasty. Conrad : I do not really care. 5. How many days per week do you eat fast food? Mike : Once or twice per week. Conrad : Every day.

4 6. What do you think, means to eat healthy?
Mike : More fruits and vegetables. Conrad : Less fast food. 7. What you eat for breakfast usually? Mike : Butter, toast and cup tea. Conrad : Pizza. 8. What do you think will happen if you eat only from fast food? Mike : We will get fat, obese or sick. Conrad : I don’t know and don’t care. 9. Know what diseases, can occur due to a bad nourishment? Know that lead to death? Mike : Yes I do know something. Conrad : No I didn’t! 10. Now, that you have learned these things, you will change your lifestyle and your nourishment? Mike : Yes I will keep the idea of a healthy nutrition. Conrad : Of course I will because I don’t want to die eating.

5 Conclusion I have concluded that that most of the teenagers are choosing the food by taste not by health. As an exemple in our questionnaire above.

6 What do I recommand…. I recommend to all fast food addicts to renounce at they’r habits and have a normal meal with fruits and vegetables!

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