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Simple Future Futuro.

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1 Simple Future Futuro

2 Futuro Afirmativa – will + verbo I will sing next week.
Negativa – will + not + verbo I will not sing next week. Interrogativa – inverte o will e o sujeito de posição Will I sing next week?

3 Usos Indicar fatos futuros ou inevitáveis
I’ll help her, if she asks me. All the ice will melt in spring.

4 Usos Decisões tomadas no ato da fala
I’m so hungry. I’ll get something to eat. I’m tired. I’ll take a nap.

5 Usos Indicar previsões ou expressar expectativas
It will problably rain tomorrow. She hopes her husband will come back home soon.

6 Usos Expressar promessas ou compromissos
I will behave well while you are out. I won’t play video game till the weekend.

7 Future Continuous Futuro Contínuo

8 Futuro Contínuo Will + be + verbo + ing
I will be studying English in Unesp this time tomorrow. (afirmativa) The children won’t be sleeping at 9 o’clock. (negativa) Will you be playing video game next holiday? (interrogativa)

9 Usos Dizer que algo estará em andamento em um certo instante no futuro
I will be living in London next year. At this time next week, I will be travelling to Paris.

10 Future with “going to” Futuro com “going to”

11 Futuro com “going to” Verbo to be + going to + verbo (geralmente com advérbio de tempo) I am going to watch a movie tomorrow. She is going to eat pasta.

12 Usos Expressar intensões, planos ou decisões
I am going to start a new hobbie. I am going to start an English course.

13 Usos Fatos iminentes, que parecem certos
I’m feeling dizzy. I am going to faint. I’m feeling sick. I am going to see a doctor.

14 will be will like are going to get is going to rain Fato Futuro
Decisão will like Espectativa is going to rain Fato Iminente

15 Leave/room KATE JOHN PAULO MARY Fatos Iminentes

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