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Simple Past Passado.

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1 Simple Past Passado

2 Simple Past Passado Verbos regulares: + ed To work  worked
Verbos irregulares Diversas formas  to drive / drove

3 Simple Past Passado I You He, She, It We They Worked / drove

4 Usos Ações passadas com advérbios de tempo passado
Jack swan in the gym last night. Kate saw a ghost two months ago. Frank bought the house in 2050.

5 Usos Ações passadas sem advérbios de tempo passado
They bought a new TV. The dog found the lost bone.

6 Usos Ações habituais no passado
The boy played at the garden the whole morning. He got up at 6 am the whole week.

7 Past Continuous Passado Contínuo

8 Past Continuous Passado Contínuo
Simple past do verbo be + verbo + ing I You He, She, It We They + past of to be + working / driving I was working yesterday.

9 Usos Ação em andamento no passado
This time last week I was studying at home. I saw you at the disco last night. You were dancing.

10 Usos Ação que estava acontecendo no passado e foi interrompida por outra They were talking when Peter fell into the pool. She was playing guitar when the bell rang.

11 Usos Ações simultâneas no passado
The father was fixing the car while the children were playing at the garden. Kate was dacing while her sister was singing.

12 Auxiliares I You He, She, It We They Did

13 Usos Interrogativas - perguntar I ate popcorn yesterday.
Did you eat popcorn yesterday?

14 were talking came started was laying walked were having started started was thinking came kissed

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