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A tale by Te’Asya Hudson. Have you ever heard the actual story? The stories you were told are not true. Not at all.

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1 A tale by Te’Asya Hudson

2 Have you ever heard the actual story? The stories you were told are not true. Not at all.

3 I hopped out of bed, put on a dress, brushed my shiny black hair. I knew Cinderella would cooking breakfast, so I followed the smell of eggs. “Cinderella,” I called. “What do you want, Nova?” She called from the kitchen.

4 When I walked in, she lifted her lazy eye to glare at me. She wasn’t exactly pretty, but she wasn’t ugly, either. “Would you like some help?” “No. Just go away.” I let out a sigh and walked away. I don’t know why she didn’t like me. I was the only one who was nice to her.

5 “Cinderella! Cinderella! Come here now!” Mother screamed. I sighed. It’s always the same thing everyday. ***

6 The next day, a letter came in the mail. There was going to be a ball at the Royal Palace, so Prince Henry could find a woman to marry. “Step-Mother, may I go to the ball?” Cinderella asked. I knew the answer before the words came out of Mother’s mouth. “No! How dare you ask such a thing?”

7 I felt bad for her sometimes. She was never allowed out of the house. Mother had a tailor make me the finest gown in the land. After getting ready, Mother and I headed to the ball. ***

8 I wasn’t having much fun at the ball. I was standing at the pastry table, talking to a girl from school. Suddenly, I was swept on the dance floor. I look up to see the Prince. “Dance with me. Please.” Prince Henry said, as he smiled at me. “Alright.” ***

9 We talked and danced for hours. “I love you,Nova,” He said to me. “I---” The doors at the entrance slid open and there stood Cinderella. Nobody recognized her except for me. Her hair was pinned up and she was wearing a blue dress. I had to admit, it was prettier than the green gown I was wearing.

10 The room was silent as she walked down the stairs. “Cinderella,” I said, shocked. Rage burned in her eyes as she glared at me. She didn’t want Mother to know she was here. She walked over to the pastry table and the next thing I know- Whoosh. Smack. A piece of cake was in my face. I wiped the cake off of my face, walked slowly to the table and threw one back. ***

11 I was covered in chocolate and pastries. So was Cinderella and almost everyone else in the room. Mother slowly walked over to us, rage and disappointment was clear on her face. “I cannot you believe you two. How could you do this, embarrassing the family name,” She shook her head. “We are going home.” With that, she rushed us out of there. ***

12 When we got home, Mother immediately said, “Pack your bags.” “We’re leaving?” “Yes. Now pack.” Judging by the look in her eyes, I decided not to argue. I looked down and noticed that Cinderella only had on one shoe, but before I could ask her about it, she’d already left to start packing. It didn’t make a difference to her whether we moved or not, she wasn’t happy here anyway. ***

13 It was about a year later. Life was almost the same as it had been before we moved. Earlier in the year, I heard the prince was on a search for a girl. Deep down, I hoped it was me. I knew it was me, but Mother wouldn’t be able to live with the embarrassment if people knew it was us who had started all the chaos at the ball. So, I never stepped up. *** It was late in the night when the knocking started. I just wanted to sleep, so I didn’t bother getting up to answer it. But the knocking continued, and finally I decided to get up, but Cinderella was already there.

14 There stood the Prince Henry, looking as handsome as ever. He was standing next to a man who was holding a very large glass slipper. I backed into a corner, too nervous to let him see me. “Does this slipper belong to you? Only one could have feet of this size.” “Why, yes.” “Try it on. It’s the only way I’ll know.” Was he here for her? I was the one who danced with him at the ball. I was the one who talked to him all night. I was the one he fell in love with. So why is talking to her?

15 I watched as Cinderella slipped her very large foot into the very large slipper. It fit perfectly. Cinderella smiled and jumped into his arms. The Prince looked shocked before pushing her away. “Where is she?” “Where is who?” Cinderella said, looking offended. I slowly stepped out of the shadows. “My love,” he answered just as his eyes settled on me. “Henry,” I whispered, still shocked that he was here. “Nova,” He said, before hugging me.

16 “You found me.” “ I couldn’t let you go.” *** Henry helped me move into the Royal Palace with him. We didn’t get married immediately because we wanted to get to know each other better. We finally got married about five years later. Cinderella ran away from home just before the wedding, she was never seen again. Because of this, Mother was forced to do her own work, instead of forcing Cinderella to do it. I think about Cinderella sometimes, but I don’t worry about her. I know she’ll be okay. I guess we all lived happily ever after.

17 Except my mother, of course.

18 The End

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