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OCTOBER 14/15, 2013 PLANNING 10. Respecting differences & working together To respect the differences between people as you develop your own sense of.

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1 OCTOBER 14/15, 2013 PLANNING 10

2 Respecting differences & working together To respect the differences between people as you develop your own sense of identity To recognise some of the cultural norms in society, including the range of lifestyles and relationships To recognise how others see you and be able to give and receive constructive praise and feedback

3 If we look around the class it is easy to spot that we are all different in terms of our physical appearance We are all unique. However, we all have our own character too and we all have particular likes and dislikes. We are going to create our own Facebook/RenRen profile Fill in the answers to all the boxes Then add a picture (drawing)

4 Show your profile to the person sitting next to you Now swap places with someone else in the class and show your profiles to each other It is very obvious that we are all very different people and yet we need to get on well together in order for school to work properly

5 Volunteers needed! I need 2 people to read out a play script Volunteer 1 will be reading the part of Gemma Volunteer 2 will be reading the part of Leah

6 Picking a fight Gemma: Hey you! Leah: Who? Me? Gemma: You, I’m talking to. You! Leah : What? Gemma : Who do you think you’re staring at? Leah : I’m not looking at anyone Gemma : You are. You’re looking at me Leah : I’m not Gemma : You are. You’re doing it right now Leah : Only ‘cause you shouted. I wasn’t looking before

7 Gemma: You were. You were staring. Leah: I wasn’t. Gemma: You were. Leah: I wasn’t. Gemma: Are you calling me a liar? Leah: No. Gemma: You are. Leah: I’m just telling you. I’m just saying. I wasn’t looking at you. Honest Gemma: So you’re saying I’m a liar, then. Leah: No. Gemma: You’d better watch who you’re calling a liar. Leah: I’m not. Gemma: You’d better watch out that’s all.

8 Leah: What for? Gemma: For me. You’d better look out for me. Leah: You said I shouldn’t. Gemma: What? Leah: Look at you. Gemma: Are you trying to be funny? Leah: No. Gemma: Don’t try to be funny with me. Leah: I wasn’t. It was just a joke. Gemma: You’ll not be laughing when I’ve finished with you. Leah: I’m not laughing. Who’s laughing? I’m not Gemma: You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face. You don’t mess with Gemma

9 Leah: Eh? Gemma: You don’t mess with Gemma. What are you grinning at? Leah: I’m not. It’s just the way my mouth is. Gemma: Right. Down the alley after school. Leah: I don’t go home that way. Gemma: You’d better be there. Leah: I’ve got to catch my bus. Gemma: Be there! Leah: Right! Gemma: Right!

10 Is a conversation like this bound to lead to a challenge to a fight? How can we stop fights and arguments from starting? Can you suggest ways in which we can get on with people in life even though we don’t always like or agree with their points of view?

11 Using these ideas, write the word TOLERANCE in large letters down the side of your notebook and use the letters as the start of a list of things that we should do if we are going to get on with people. E.g. L may be Listen to other people’s points of view. R may be Respect other people’s opinions.

12 We can be very critical of others over the clothes that they wear or other personal issues But how often do we give praise to other people?

13 Praise or positive feedback is an act of recognition How do we give praise in this school? How do you receive praise at home? It can be something as simple as a smile What positive comments or feedback have you received in the last week Who from? What was said? How did you feel? What compliments or positive feedback have you given this week. Who was it to? What was it for? How did it make you feel?

14 Who gives more compliments than they receive? Who receives more compliments than they give? How does it feel to be complimented and appreciated? How does it make you feel about the person who gave the compliment? Do you think that making an effort to be positive about people in your form would be a good idea?

15 Learning to give and accept praise gracefully is an important skill for us all to learn How do you react when someone gives you praise? Sometimes a simple thank you is much better than saying ‘I know I’m great!’ Think about why some people don’t like being praised Is it some times better to be praised privately than in public? Why is it sometimes difficult to receive praise in school in front of your class? Do you think that it is right?

16 The Praise Chain Everyone take a piece of plain paper and write your name on the bottom Pass the piece of paper to the person on your left, then with the paper that you receive, go and swap it with someone else not sitting near you Now sit down again On the paper that you receive, look at the name on the bottom, then write that person a compliment on the top of the paper (it must be true) Now fold down the top of the paper twice so you can’t see what you’ve written

17 Now pass the paper to the person on your left MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GET YOU OWN PAPER, IF YOU DO THEN SWAP IT WITH SOMEONE ELSE Repeat....look at the name, then right down a compliment Keep going till all the paper is used up

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