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(Geçmiş Zaman İsim Cümleleri)

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1 (Geçmiş Zaman İsim Cümleleri)
WAS-WERE (Geçmiş Zaman İsim Cümleleri) I was at home yesterday. It was my birthday yesterday. I was happy. He was very busy yesterday.

2 Affirmative (Olumlu) Negative (Olumsuz) I He She It was wasn’t You We They were weren’t I was at home yesterday. I wasn’t at home yesterday. They were at the cinema. They weren’t at the cinema.

3 l was ill yesterday but l’m OK. today.
They were rich in the past but they are not rich now. We were out last week but we are not out today. They were in Antalya last month but they are in Konya. There was only one car at the car park but there are a lot of cars now.

4 My brother and I were at the
high school but we are at the university now. I was at the school yesterday. I went to school yesterday. I was a student but l’m an engineer now. It was rainy yesterday but it is warm today. We were at the cinema last weekend but we are at home this weekend. They were 60 years old last year.They are 61 years old this year.

5 l was at the park last weekend. There was only a woman
l was at the park last weekend.There was only a woman.She was quite young.There were a lot of children.They were very happy.One of the children was near the pool. I was with my friend. I was very happy.

6 I …. (be) at the park yesterday. I……. (see) a lot of people. They ………
I ….(be) at the park yesterday.I…….(see) a lot of people.They ………..(do) different things.A woman ………..(feed) her dog.A boy ………..(ride) his bike . Children………. (play)on see-saw. Everybody ……(be) happy.

7 A: Were you at home yesterday?
B: Yes,I was at home yesterday./Yes,I was. No,l wasn’t at home yesterday./No,l wasn’t. C: Where were you yesterday? D: I was out. E: Was Gary in the school? F: No,he wasn’t.He was in the hospital. G: Were they at the party? H: Yes,they were.

8 There were sewing machines a hundred years ago.

9 There were home phones a hundred years ago.

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