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Giving advice.

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1 Giving advice

2 Topic Giving advice. Functions (Language Goal) Review different ways of giving advice. Structures You should V. Why not V? If I were you, I would V.

3 Summary Shall I / we V ...? You/He/She should/shouldn’t V…. Let’s V….
  You’d better V…. I think you need / ought to… Why not V...?Why don’t you V...?   What / How about V-ing...?  Would you like to V...?   If I were you, I would V…. If I were in your place, I'd V…..

4 Oral practice Growing pains
Situation 1: When I am in school, I am very shy. When I speak in class, my face goes red because I know my classmates are looking at me. And I can’t speak or make silly mistakes. Situation 2: Han Mei is going to Japan for vacation this summer, but she knows little about the table manners there, so she is worried. Situation 3: Jim has a lot of pimples on his face. He is really worried about it.

5 Situation 1 Being shy

6 Situation 2 Not knowing table -manners in Japan

7 Situation 3 Having pimples

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