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CarePack SoluTions CarePack SoluTions. Presenting CarePack SoluTions Management Bandwidth Contact Us Service Matrix.

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1 CarePack SoluTions CarePack SoluTions

2 Presenting CarePack SoluTions Management Bandwidth Contact Us Service Matrix

3 Presenting CarePack SoluTions

4 CarePack SoluTions provides services which was started in the year 2007 by Mr. Sachin Ambre and is carrying on the business of Service & Maintenance, Maintenance & Networking of computers & its Peripherals and other related accessories. We embody a team of young and experienced professionals, performing to provide the high quality products and services. We sign Annual maintenance contracts (AMC) with many Organizations to keep their system and working updated along with this we establish Network sites LAN/WAN to help people to interact with the world in a better way. We trained people to take care of their machines themselves while working.We provide preventive maintenance to the systems on regular basis to avoid unexpected breakdowns. We have our own workshop and team of professionals to repair the systems up to chip level. We have established a very valuable client list of over one hundred small & big organization in private and public sector undertaking and large private organization, who patronize us. With the support of our experienced service team we are in a position to take care of any applications from stand alone Pc's, Network establishment, CAD stations, Mail server, stations we provide entire solution for computerization and more. As we set the standard against which the maintenance service measure, our client appreciate us by allowing us to provide maintenance of their own machines and referring to the others.

5 YOUR CHOICE FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW… As your company strives to increase market share while reducing costs and cycle times, gaining a technological edge may mean the difference between success – and just survival. And implementing new technology shouldn’t mean having to expend time and money whenever your vendor changes direction – or platforms. We help you to manage, change while protecting your technology investment. Whether you're considering a change in order to meet networking requirements, to drive down total solution costs, or due to competitive pressures – you need to their existing system with newer one every quarter, the sheer number of customers about our technology. And with leadership performance in technical support, we offer a great choice for our customers. We would like to assure you that we would spare no effort to ensure that CarePack SoluTions remains always the best.

6 CarePack SoluTions Functionality Annual Maintenance Contracts Sales and Service – Computer Hardware Branded & Assembled PCs Servers – Laptops Peripherals Networking Etc. Facility Management Office Automation Products (Projector, A3 Size Multifunction Copier, LCD TV Etc.) Web Page Design And Web Page Solutions

7 Plotters Networking Products Desktops Servers Printers & scanners Laptops & Note Books Projectors

8 Structured CablingNetworking Server Setup & MaintenanceMail Server Setup & Maintenance Data SecurityWI Fi Network Setup P.C Repair & MaintenanceOnline & Offline UPS Network SecurityExternal Data Storage




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