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We do it the Green Way !. A road to a sustainable company.

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1 We do it the Green Way !

2 A road to a sustainable company

3 Local agriculture Advantages: Less packaging materials, Less additional energy for transportation, Food security less dependent on other countries, Development of local labor market, Development of agricultural knowledge Dis-advantages: Import of materials (seeds, potting soil, fertilizer, pesticides / herbicides) Additional energy for production of these chemicals, Resistance to these chemicals, Health risk for consumers Soil erosion, salinization, nutrient depletion in the soil, declining soil structure Increasing investment in fertilizer Extra investments in water catchments and irrigation systems

4 Our first Step to more sustainability Advantages: Biological control of pests (No synthetic pesticides), Organic fertilizers, (No chemical fertilizers) Crop rotation, green manure, Healthier product. Dis-advantages: Still import of materials, More labor intensive, weed control, biological pest control Production is still reliant upon the plough and cultivation based tillage systems, causing soil erosion and soil organic matter loss. High costs of water management

5 Sustainable agriculture A sustainable system needs to be resilient, adaptable to change and not depleting the resource base. Sustainable agricultural systems are those that make best economic use of available resources without damaging the under lying assets.

6 reduction in water allocation banning of more agricultural chemicals increase consumer demand for eco-friendly productions nutrient management on and off the farm food retailer looking for product differentiation animal welfare concerns government’s willingness for change What are the drivers for more sustainable agricultural production?

7 Our second step to more sustainability in progress Using low cost organic compost / recycling crop waste and livestock manure Incorporating organic matter back into fields Growing wind breaks to hold the soil / minimize salt wind impact Growing shade trees, minimize evaporation of water Growing a diverse number of perennial crops Companion planting / nitrogen fixing plants Growing a mixture of crops (poly culture) to reduce disease or pest problems Sheet mulching for conserving water in the soil

8 Agro-Ecology a scientific discipline The agro-ecological approach is more sensitive to the complexities of local agriculture, and has a broad performance criteria - ecological sustainability, - food security, - economic viability, - optimize the use of local resources, - social equity, - as well as increased production

9 Permanent agriculture The design of ecological landscapes that produce food.

10 Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow Mary Tyler Moore

11 Garden Center and plant nursery Gourmet vegetables Landscaping and landscaping design Flower arrangements Green education Volunteering and internship Projects: Bee farm, Re-introduction of historic crops, Composting and Agro-tourism

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