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Presentation on the progress of the company “SVILPAUNIEKI”, Kārsava Secondary School, Latvia.

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1 Presentation on the progress of the company “SVILPAUNIEKI”, Kārsava Secondary School, Latvia

2 As we all know, Student Company is a scholastic enterprise created and managed by students and has an educational character but it functions as a real enterprise in real environment. Students produce and sell goods or service. Student Company has no legal status and in Latvia it is represented only by Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Latvia which has the licence of Junior Achievement Worldwide programs. According to the requirements, the Student Company can work from 4 to 12 months, and then it must be closed or reorganized. Every school year from 1 st October the company must be registered and it can be closed or reorganized from 1 st April till 30 th June.



5  First of all, we have decided what we are going to produce and offer our customers: those will be clay whistles and clay medals. Moreover, we are going to offer not just readymade products but also creative workshops to teach clients how to make those products using different techniques, so, we hope that Comenius students and teachers who come to Latvia next year will be able to gain such experience.



8  Secondly, we have been working on the Business Plan of our Student Company, and it is almost finished, so, by the 1 st October 2014 we will be ready to register our company. We have also agreed about the rent of the ceramics room and all necessary equipment, including the oven, in Karsava Music and Art School (KMAS).  As some of the Comenius students have learnt or are still learning in KMAS, they are already familiar with the work process with clay, they have necessary skills and are ready to train others.





13  Thirdly, to promote our School Company we have created a brochure, a leaflet and business cards which we are going to distribute to potential clients. To attract attention we have created the company logo and the business tag line: “ Just come and we will teach you how to make clay sing!”

14 The proverb says: “Good beginning makes good ending.” We hope that our Student Company will be successful and everything will run smoothly!


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