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Eastman Health and Wellness Programs November 15, 2011 Susan Harris.

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1 Eastman Health and Wellness Programs November 15, 2011 Susan Harris

2 Eastman Integrated Health Goals Healthier and more productive workforce Greater responsibility for one's health status More cost-effective purchase of medical care Lower rate of increase in overall cost of medical, disability and related expenses Improved quality of health care delivered Opportunity to impact Eastman’s financial performance: Containing direct health care spend Reducing indirect cost of poor health (absenteeism and productivity) Results “Building a Culture of Health”

3 1)Collect your biometric measures, including height, weight, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol (HDL, LDL, triglycerides) and blood glucose. 2) Complete the on-line questionnaire 3)Review and/or print your results. Health Risk Assessments Employees get $600 reduction on next year’s health care contributions!

4 Fitness Centers and Group Fitness 4 on-site fitness centers-Kingsport Fitness center at each of other domestic sites Group Fitness programs include: ●Yoga ●Kickboxing ●Aerobics ●Many others…..

5 Divisional Programming Wellness Teams Quarterly data reports for each division Group competitions

6 Educational Seminars Health Improvement Programs Mind Your Health on the GO! Nursing Mothers Program Diabetes Class offered by Local Health Care System Cooking Demonstrations

7 Employee Risk Levels 2006 - 2010 8 Lowering Percent At Risk Over Four Years: Cholesterol: 27.8% Hypertension: 24.7% Tobacco Use: 21.7% Diabetes: 17.5% Pre-Diabetes: 12.7% Lack of Physical Activity: 11.9% Overweight/Obese:.6%

8 2012 HealthE Dividends Program * High-risk diabetics in certain local diabetes programs may be eligible for a higher maximum ($200 for participation and an additional $300 for achieving specific clinical improvements for a total of $500 ) ** Must be enrolled in Eastman healthcare to be eligible for these programs/services Employees and covered spouses can each earn $300 Incentive Amount HealthE Living Participation = $100 Achieving Goal = $200 $300 Diabetes (CIGNA Personal Health Team)**$300 Stress Management (CIGNA Personal Health Team) **$300 Stress Less Living (On-site at TN and TX)$300 Hypertension (CIGNA Personal Health Team) ** Participation = $100 Achieving Goal = $200 $300 Back to Basics Participation: $100 Achieving Goal: $200 $300 BodE Mass Project Participation = $100 Achieving Goal = $200 $300 Local Diabetes Program * Participation = $200 Achieving Goal = $300 $500

9 Programs to Help Chronic Conditions ConditionIncentive Program Amount Diabetes CIGNA telephonic (5 sessions) – Includes pre-diabetics Kingsport High Risk Texas High Risk $300 $500 Hypertension CIGNA telephonic (5 sessions) $300

10 Life Style Management Programs ConditionIncentive ProgramAmount Stress On-site Stress Less Living (Kpt & TX) CIGNA telephonic (5 sessions) $300 Weight Mgmt. BodE Mass Project Mid-year BodE Mass Project sign-up (one-half incentive amount) $300 $150 Flexibility/ Mobility Back to Basics (6 sessions) $300

11 Maintaining Your Health ConditionIncentive ProgramAmount Overall Health Maintenance/ Improvement HealthE Living (8 sessions) BodE Mass (Maintain ideal body weight) $300

12 Personal Privacy & Confidentiality  Personal privacy and confidentiality is protected in all programs and services  Eastman Integrated Health works with procurement and legal to ensure compliance with laws and regulations

13 CIGNA Personal Health Team Dedicated group of health advisors who are a single point of contact to help connect you to health resources. Health advisors include: nurses, dieticians, clinicians, counselors and other specialists. Medical guidance available 24/7 Calls are confidential.

14 Spreading the Word to Employees and Spouses  Weekly Online Newsletter  Health information on all bathroom stall doors  Spouse Newsletter to homes  Face-to-face interactions (i.e. team meetings., health fairs/seminars)  Spouse Center (HealthE Connections Center)  HealthE Connections website 

15 Questions?

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