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Company Profile.

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1 Company Profile

2 About us Alameer Insulation is established in 2008, with the purpose of performing all types of waterproofing services on both new and existing properties. It has spared no effort in developing the right blend of expert technicians for quality water proofing services. Our mossion Is to provide top quality services and superior customer satisfaction to continue to exist as a true partner in the insulation industry; if not to attain market leadership in this industry.

3 Company activity Environmental Protection :
We are specialized contractor and material supplier for the building & Environmental Protection System. Our main activities are as follows: Environmental Protection : Landfill lining System Evaporation Bond Cannel & Water Features Lining System Fuel Storage Tank & Secondary Containment Lining System Hazardous Chemical Industries Waste Containment Lining System

4 2. Waterproofing & Thermal Insulation
Building Foundation Compo Roof System Roof Thermal Insulation. Wet areas and Roof Waterproofing. Potable & Irrigation Water Tank Water proofing Coating, Flooring & Injection System Pile Head Treatment Concrete Repair & Injection System Industrial Floor Coating ( Epoxy Coating)

5 4. Pipe Welding Services :
HDPE, Pipe Butt fusion and Electro fusion welding. 5. Specialized Material Trading for Building & Environment: HDPE liner Clay Liner HDPE pipes & Fittings Non woven / Woven Geotextile HDPE Concrete Protective Liner 6. Stamp Concrete Paring area & walkway stamp concrete system.

6 Authorized applicator
Awazel International Co. Imperbit Membrane Industries (IMI) Henkel Polybit Industries Sultaco

7 Project reference photographs

8 Main clients Hannover Consultant Engineers
Al Hosn Engineering Consultants Firas Engineering Consultant Musanada

9 Main clients Al Salam Consulting Architects Engineers & Planners.
Arak Engineering Consultant Al Tasheed Engineering Consultants National Engineering Office

10 * Mob: 0509955114 * Fax : 026727522 * E-mail:
Contact Us * Mob: * Fax : *

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