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*This is an Example of Presentation Layout

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1 *This is an Example of Presentation Layout
Company Name Business Plan Logo

2 Template Summary This template is to help participants to give their presentations in a standardized manner Each participating team is allowed 10 minutes for presentation (followed by 5 minutes of Q&A) The contents to be included in the presentation as listed in the Order of Presentation, next slide, are merely suggested topics. Participants may modify the order of topics and include other contents if need be (be mindful of allowed time) The design of presentation is up to the participant (do not need to be this exact design) Maximum of 12 slides permitted(excluding the title page) This slide is NOT to be included in the actual presentation

3 Order of Presentation Introduction Problem Statement and Solution
Technicality and Feasibility of Implementation Market Summary and Opportunities Target Customers Competition Business and Revenue Models Financial Projections and Funding Timeline Summary This slide is NOT to be included in the actual presentation

4 Introduction Mission Statement Briefly introduce yourself and company

5 Problem Statement and Solution
Define the problem or need in the market Describe how significant or prevalent the problem may be Describe why now is the right time for a solution, if appropriate. Describe how you approached the problem and explain why your company’s product or service can be a solution Brief overview of company’s status in regard to development progress, milestones achieved

6 Technicality and Feasibility of Implementation
Show or prove that your methodology is feasible to achieve Show a brief plan of its implementation Keep in mind to make it simple and short. The point of this section is not to spend a lot of time explaining the technology but just to show that it is feasible to implement

7 Market Summary and Opportunities
Summarize your market in the past, present, and future. Review those changes in market share, leadership, players, market shifts, costs, pricing, or competition that provide the opportunity for your company’s success Describe the market size, challenges and your company’s potential Identify problems and opportunities. State consumer problems, and define the nature of product/service opportunities that are created by those problems.

8 Target Customers Describe what opportunities are available in the market and who are the target customers How big is your target customer? Provide data or research to support your numbers if possible

9 Competition Summarize the competition
Outline your company’s advantages and weaknesses over competitors Describe how your company’s product or services are differentiated from others

10 Business and Revenue Models
Describe the company’s business strategy Describe the source of revenue Describe the company’s revenue model What is the pricing model How will you access customers

11 Financial Projections and Funding
Do a break-even analysis List any funding the company has received thus far Describe how the company will be financed in the near term and how much What is the exit strategy? What is the ROI and what makes the business model attractive to investors

12 Timeline List milestones and projected deadlines
Use a Gantt chart, for example

13 Summary List important points that audiences should remember
Opportunity Unique solution Competitive advantages Business model and marketing approach Management team

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