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Travel agents.

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1 Travel agents

2 Talking on the phone The verbs in the box are often used when making telephone calls. Use them to fill in the gaps. hold on cut off hang up get through get back (to someone) put someone through ring up a Sorry, I don't know what happened. We got .. b I'll you to her extension. c The line is constantly busy - I never seem to be able to .. d Could you a minute and I' ll see if she's in her office. e Would you Sky Air and ask if they have any seats on this Saturday's flight to Delhi? f I'll make some enquiries and to you by eleven. g Don't yet; the call may be diverted to another number.

3 Telephoning-phrasal verbs
What would you say in these situations? a Someone phones but the call is for a colleague who works on the second floor. b The line went dead. The person you were speaking to rings back. c You're on the phone but need to get a file from the office next door. d You're on the phone but haven't got all the information to hand. You need about an hour to get it together. e The number is constantly engaged. You want someone else to call Global Tours for you.

4 Talking on the phone Here are a number of expressions that you may find useful when making a phone call: May I speak to/with ... I'm returning your call... Sorry, could you repeat that? I'm afraid he/she's not in at the moment. I 'm afraid she's not answering her phone. I'm sorry, there's no reply. Can I take a message? Shall I get him/her to call you back? Mrs X will get back to you. Hold on a moment, please. I‘ll just put you on hold. I'm sorry, you've got the wrong number. Sorry to keep you waiting.

5 Asking questions Look at the questions below. What do you notice about the way indirect questions are formed? DIRECT QUESTIONS How far is it? How much does it cost? How long does the journey take? INDIRECT QUESTIONS Can you tell me how far it is? Could you tell me how much it costs? Do you know how long the journey takes? Which of these is correct? Would you mind spelling/spell that for me? Do you mind if I sit here? Do you mind if I'm sitting here?

6 Question tags Study the way these tag questions are made.
A visa is compulsory, isn't it? You're not leaving until next month, are you? They haven't confirmed the booking yet, have they? You won't forget to fax me the details, will you? Tanya, pass me the brochure, will you? Lets' have a look at the schedule, shall we? You had a single room last year, didn't you?

7 Practice The following questions have been jumbled. Put them in the right order. For example: spell you could me for Linares? Could you spe ll Linares for me? a details if the you r mind do check ? b sharing mind twin you a would bedroom ? c me you is can what tell fax your number ? d for I necessary shall the make arrangements you ? e you in mind filling would this form me for ? f want many you how could you me tell to with go people ? 9 you like would to me hold put you on ? h you won 't sharing be twin a bedded room you will ? (2 answers) i requirements your entry draw the r may attention to ? j again on they are aren't strike the traffic controllers air ?

8 Question tags She is collecting stickers, ........?
We often watch Travel TV , ? You have cleaned your office, ? John and Max don't like , ? Peter played handball yesterday, ? They are going home from school, ? Mary didn't do her homework last Monday, ? Kevin will come tonight, ? Mr McGuinness is from Ireland, ? You are John, ? She went to the library yesterday, ? He didn't recognize me, ? Cars pollute the environment, ? Mr. Pritchard has been to Scotland recently, ? The trip is very expensive, ? He won't tell her, ? Hugh had a red car, ?

9 Exam Question The impression you would like clients to have of YOU. ( What are features of a good travel agent) How you can give this impression over the telephone.

10 Writing Write a checklist of points for newly-trained staff to remember when making a booking.

11 Making and taking bookings
Work with a partner. Take turns to be Student A and Student B. Student A works for a travel agency taking bookings. Student B wants to go on holiday (choose a estination). Act out the the conversation. Student A should note down information about: the holiday the dates the customer's name. things to see and do? accommodation? insurance? cost?

12 Additional exercises Rewrite these sentences in the correct order.
you me is where can tell the station? to Florida you do any know are there cheap if flights? please this form you in fill could? ask mind do some you if I you questions? a clerk you would mind is free until waiting? you me the brochures are show where winter-sun can? when leaves the train next to know would I like. tell me you spend to could much how you wish?

13 2 Rewrite these to make them more polite:
For example: How old are you? Would you mind telling me your age? a When do you want to go? b How many people are there in the group? c How are you paying? d Repeat thatl e I must check the details. Spell that for me. 9 Give me a deposit. h Fill this form in.

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