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Size Determiner Temperature Numbers Cardinal Nationality Ordinal

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1 Size Determiner Temperature Numbers Cardinal Nationality Ordinal
Quality Size Age Shape Temperature Colour Nationality Origin/ a beautiful large old round black my first two English valuable Swiss one of our favourite dangerous narrow these lovely hot the nice small square white Turkish expensive big new warm brown Italian some ice-cold an American




5 A or AN A / an is called the “indefinite article”. 1 When to use “a” ; when to use “an” Use a before a consonant sound. E.g : He’s a doctor. What a nice picture! Use an before a vowel sound. E.g : He’s an actor. What an ugly picture! 2 A or An comes before a singular countable noun: a singular countable noun. an E.g : a man a union an idea an hour a modifier(s) + singular countable noun. E.g : a happy woman an interesting new book

6 A / an has no plural form. It is a car This is a rabbit. That is a red rose He’s a tennis player.

7 BETWEEN Between is a preposition of PLACE and TIME. B A C X E.g : A is between B and C. (a) Place E.g : There is a cloud between two mountains. (b) Time The Murder 10.00 PM X AM E.g : The murder must have taken place between 10 p.m. And 7 a.m., when everyone was asleep.


9 Main clauses and subordinate clauses
One clause may be part of another clause. For example, one clause may be an object or an adverbial in another clause: Clause 1 Object (=clause 2) Subject I Verb phase asked Subject the doctor Adverbial where Verb phrase lived. Clause 1 Subject we Adverbial (=clause 2) Verb phrase will phone Object you Conjunction after Subject we Verb phrase arrive.

10 Present Continuous Tense
1 Form:We form the present continuous with be ing Affirmative I am you,they,we are working. he, she, it is Contractions : am = ‘m are = ‘re is = ‘s 2 Use : We use the Present continuous to talk about something which is in progress at the moment of speaking. e. g. : They are listening to their teacher He is playing tennis.

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