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Officer’s Duties & Responsibilities No One Does More for Veterans He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander Aristotle.

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1 Officer’s Duties & Responsibilities No One Does More for Veterans He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander Aristotle

2 The Installing officer admonishes the incoming officers with the following statement: The By-Laws and Ritual of this our organization prescribe in detail the duties of your office. By virtue of the confidence placed in you, through your election, we assume that you will acquaint yourselves thoroughly with your duties.”

3 Comrade Commander, this Post will be placed in your charge The supreme quality of leadership is integrity. Dwight Eisenhower You don’t lead by hitting people over the head—that’s assault, not leadership. Dwight Eisenhower

4 Commanders Duties  Preside at all meetings of the Post  Presiding duties fall to the Senior Vice Commander if the Commander is late or absent.  If the SVC is absent the duties fall to the Junior Vice Commander  In the absence of all 3 commanders the membership elects a Commander Pro Tempore  Start all meetings on time  Enforce strict observance by-laws  Appoint officers, committee chairs and necessary committees ( She/he may also remove same )

5  Assure that the Quartermaster is bonded according to Sec. 703 of the by-laws  Assure that all reports are correctly prepared and promptly forwarded  Assure that either she/he or proper representative attend all District and County Council conventions and meetings Sec. 218 of the Manual of Procedure enumerates all officers duties. And states… Failure without just cause to perform the duties of Commander may result in removal from office

6 POST AUDITS A Charge to the Commander: “It will be your responsibility to see that the Trustees, in accordance with the National By-Laws, audit the books of the Adjutant, Quartermaster and the canteen or club manager.” Failure to insure this is done could void the bond The Bond should be equal to the liquid assets of the post

7 Paying the Bills: The post should have a resolution or Post by-law dictating how checks are signed…i.e.  With more than one signature  And/or if the Commander must countersign  Or if Debit cards are to be used

8 The Commander Shall also:  Ensure that a properly completed Election Report for the ensuing year is submitted to Department and National Headquarters  Decide all questions of law…subject to appeal according to the By-Laws  Share all applicable correspondence with members  Assure the business of the Post is moving in a timely and orderly manner  Observe Commemorative dates

9 The final charge to the new Commander: “Much of the success of this post will depend on you. Guard well its interests, so that you may fill your high office acceptably…I present you with this gavel, the emblem of authority. Upon assuming office you will use it firmly, but with discretion.”

10 Senior Vice Commander “Comrade Senior Vice Commander, it will be your duty to assist the Commander in preserving order, to preside in the absence of the Commander and to perform such other duties as may be required by the laws and Ritual.”

11 Junior Vive Commander “It will be your duty to assist the Commander, and Senior Vice Commander in preserving order, to preside in the absence of the Commander and Senior Vice Commander and perform other duties as required of you by our laws and ritual.

12 The responsibilities of Commanders are designed to perpetuate and preserve the goals of the VFW. Abuse of the positions can destroy a post and the reputation of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. There are no positions in the organization that allow for Bullies or Dictators. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams

13 Comrade Quartermaster You are responsible for all funds and assets of the post… awesome responsibility and TRUST. ALL funds of the post are your responsibility…no one else can assume that responsibility nor can you pass that on to anyone else. “It will be you duty to take charge of and accurately account for the funds of the Post. The duties of your office are prescribed in detail in the By-Laws.”

14 The Quartermaster Shall Qualify and secure a bond in a sum equal to the liquid assets of the post Collect and secure all funds and properties of the post Be the treasurer of all committees handling funds Disburse funds only on the authority and approval of the post membership

15 Shall sign ALL checks along with any other member designated by the QM and/or post by-laws Debit cards may be used…by resolution or by-law directive Provide on a regular basis all records, files and statements to the Trustees Maintain a Post Relief fund Per Sec. 717 Maintain a Dues Reserve Fund Per Sec 704

16 Reconcile and verify all transactions listed on ALL bank statements Maintain Books & Records in a legible and uniform format Record keeping may be by electronic means provided a paper backup is maintained Make books & records available for inspection by authorized Officers & Post Members at reasonable times

17 A PRIME DIRECTIVE The QM controls ALL…funds, records, property and assets…PERIOD The QM MUST have possession of ALL records of the office The QM is the treasurer of all committees that handle money…i.e. Bell Jars, Bingo, Bar Funds and Fund Raising Must file all Federal, State & local forms and reports…i.e. 990,s…. Etc.

18 Adjutant Duties Be the official corresponding officer for the post Takes the minutes of all meetings Sign all official documents Maintain proper, legible records Keep a file of all members original applications Maintain a record of deceased comrades Maintain a current copy of the VFW By-Laws Maintain a copy of proof of eligibility submitted by officers pursuant to Section 216 Just to name a few

19 Post Judge Advocate “Comrade Post Advocate, you are the legal assistant and adviser to the commander and the Post in all legal matters”

20 judge Advocate Duties Advise the commander and members on all legal matters Interpret the By-laws & Manual of Procedure The Advocate advises but does not make rulings

21 Chaplain “Comrade Chaplain the members of this Post look to you for spiritual and inspirational guidance…”

22 Chaplain Duties Perform duties such as but not limited to: Be the spiritual guide to the post Visit and comfort the sick and disabled Participates in every ritual Comfort the bereaved Set the example in spiritual matters

23 Surgeon “Comrade Surgeon, you shall be the chairman of the health committee…”

24 Surgeon Duties Need NOT be a Medical Doctor Will NOT operate Will promote and direct the health programs for the benefit of members and the community May visit Hospitals

25 update The Advocate, Chaplain and the Surgeon need not be professionals Any competent member can hold those positions The Judge Advocate and Surgeon are now Appointed postitons at the Post level.

26 Trustees “Comrade Post Trustee, it will be your duty to make correct audits and reports of the Post records…”

27 Trustee Duties Every three months they must audit the books of the QM, the Adjutant and any other records & books of committees Failure to do so will jeopardize Post votes at Council, District, State and National Elections And…could very well void the bond

28 FINAL DIRECTIVE Take your responsibilities seriously and be aware…the future, stability and effectiveness of your VFW Post is in your hands. We all answer to the membership and our sacred duty is to all veterans and the community.

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