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Student Sample: Science

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1 Student Sample: Science
ACTIVITY III Student Sample: Science Joel Rifkin was adopted by Bernard and Jeanne Rifkin when he was three weeks old His parents loved him but his dad grew disappointed in him when they found out he was dyslexic and had coordination problems He received a college education from The State University of New York at Brockport with a degree in photography

2 He was depressed because his dad was always angry at him
He was depressed because his dad was always angry at him. Being bullied in school and not having any friends added more to his depression. He was not abused but actually loved by his family He was interested in photography and plant life He had a high IQ but struggled academically due to severe dyslexia His first arrest was for soliciting a prostitute in Hempstead, Long Island

3 Joel committed his first crime when he was 28 years old soliciting a prostitute he didn’t kill her, it was spontaneous for the next 5 years until he was caught Joel committed his first murder at the age of 29. He strangled the woman. Joel felt that when he killed prostitutes he was in full control over the woman Joel struck again a few months later and after his second murder he killed people

4 Joel left no calling cards
He killed the women by strangulation He collected their personal belongings such as jewelry, underwear and clothing to help him remember which woman it was

5 The police found him by a police chase on a missing license plate charge and found a dead body in his care when he was finally caught Dead body, confession, individual class evidence Law enforcement was up to date in technology

6 He drove away because fear of getting caught of murder when police would pull him over for a missing license plate They caught him at his last murder He consistently murdered women throughout the five years

7 Do you think he was originally convicted of his crimes?
Originally he was not convicted due to his insanity but at a later time he was indeed convicted for murdering at least 17 women

8 Most of the bodies were not found despite his help to find them and he confessed to at least 17 more murders

9 He was sentenced to 203 years in prison
He had an interview in prison on A & E He gets anti-depression pills in prison everyday

10 From what you just learned, would you say he is a typical killer or was this a special case?
I would say this is a special case because he targeted only prostitutes and admitted numerous other murders and was willing to help the police

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