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EU Schools Policy focuses on: Equity, Learner Competences, Staff.

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1 EU Schools Policy focuses on: Equity, Learner Competences, Staff

2 EU School Education Policy  Teachers, Leaders, Teacher Educators  10 policy priorities  peer learning

3 10 Priorities for staff development 1. Recruit and select he best teachers 2. Prepare, develop and support teachers well 3. Recruit and develop effective Teacher Educators 4. Help School Leaders to focus on learning 5. Improved system quality and effectiveness

4 10 Priorities 6. Improvement in initial Teacher Education 7. Early career support (e.g. induction for teachers) 8. Career long CPD (Continuous Professional Development) 9. Professional Competences and Values 10. Peer learning as a method of development

5 10 Priorities 10. Peer learning as a method of development: Peer Learning allows Member States to learn from each other – what works best, and what doesn’t work so well.

6 Peer Learning has led to guidance for policymakers on: School as learning community for teachers Teacher Education Institution / school partnerships Preparing teachers for culturally diverse classrooms Induction of beginning teachers Classroom practice in ITE Teacher Educators School Leadership Handbook for Policymakers

7 Peer Learning work to come 2012 – 2013 (?) Teachers’ core competences Teacher Educators’ training and competences Attracting and selecting the best for the profession Quality in continuing professional development

8 Norway has participated in several of these PLA´s, the latest one was on ”Teacher Educators”. Ministers of Education have identified the Teacher Educator profession as a key priority. To prepare for this PLA the Ministry arranged a national seminar to discuss the subject with relevant stakeholders. A national report was submitted to the EU Commission

9 Participants in the Norwegian preparatory discussions: Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Research Representatives from the Directorate of Education Heads of (different types of) Teacher Education Institutions Teacher Educators at Teacher Education Institutions Researchers into Teacher Education Student teachers, teachers Representatives of unions

10 PLA-conference A peer learning conference was held in Brussels in March 2012. The 150 participants from 26 countries included Teacher Educators, academics, policymakers and stakeholder groups. Norway participated with a delegation of five people, lead by the Ministry.

11 Topics Definition of teacher Educators Teacher Educator Identity and commitment Teacher Educator Competences and Standards Lifelong Learning

12 Some of the Conference Conclusions: There is a need to raise awareness of the key roles that teacher educators play in every education system and for policies that support the teacher educator profession. It is necessary to identify the areas of competence (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that underpin teacher educators’ diverse roles.

13 A profile or framework of competences should support and enhance teacher educators’ lifelong professional learning and stimulate improvements in quality. It is necessary to further develop the knowledge base about Teacher Education and about Teacher Educators. Education policies should encourage organized professional groupings of teacher educators.

14 education/teacher-educator_en.htm Teacher Educator Profession

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