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School Counselors Help Kids!!!

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1 School Counselors Help Kids!!!

2 School Counselors help Kids by…
Talking about your problems when you can’t seem to fix them. You may be angry, sad, scared, or confused! You can come and talk to me and we can try to fix it!

3 School Counselors Help Kids by..
Helping you solve problems and make good choices!

4 School Counselors help Kids by making sure you are doing your best work at school…

5 School Counselors help kids by helping you explore careers and decide what job you want to have when you grow up!

6 School Counselors help you make all the pieces of your life fit!

7 How can I see my school counselor?
At this time, we will take a school “field trip” down to my office, so you know where I am when you need me! If you have problems, we can sit and talk them out!

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