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June 2011 Prepared by the Lasallian Youth Ministry Coordinator James Camden.

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1 June 2011 Prepared by the Lasallian Youth Ministry Coordinator James Camden


3 Goals of Lasallian Youth Ministry Activities Faith development: To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today Service opportunities: To draw young people into responsible participation in the life of a Lasallian school and volunteer opportunities beyond the school Community experience: To foster the personal and spiritual growth of each young person

4 Focus Areas of Lasallian Youth Ministry Providing opportunities for growth in: Community Life Catechesis/Evangelisation Leadership Development Justice and Service Prayer and Worship Pastoral Care

5 Lasallian Youth Ministry Coordinator Lasallian Youth Ministers Lasallian “Share the Mission” Volunteers Lasallian Youth Leaders

6 Senior student of a Lasallian school who volunteers to be trained as a positive Christian role model to younger students. They are effectively 'big brothers and sisters' who facilitate retreats, social justice initiatives and Lasallian formation within the school. Lasallian Youth Leader Post-school Lasallian who volunteers for short term immersion programs, youth ministry events, school-based mentoring programs and assists Lasallian Youth Ministers on retreats and leadership training within Lasallian schools. These volunteers pay their own expenses and receive no compensation. They may often come together for sharing and formation evenings. Lasallian Volunteer Full-time volunteer who lives in a Lasallian Volunteer or Brothers Community for ten months. They are attached to a Lasallian school and work in association to identify and meet the needs of marginalised and disadvantaged youth in their local area. They receive a small stipend each week. Share the Mission Volunteer Part-time paid employee of the District responsible for the development of youth ministry initiatives in selected Lasallian schools. They also coordinate post school activities in their local area and come together to form the Lasallian Youth Ministry Team for District events designed for mission, leadership training, association and formation. Lasallian Youth Minister

7 Lasallian Youth Ministers Lasallian Youth Ministers are part-time-paid employees of the District and are responsible for animating the faith development of young people in our Lasallian tradition. Their ministry is predominantly within their ‘base school’ but approximately 20% of their time is spent assisting in schools without a Lasallian Youth Minister or on a team initiative. Their role involves coordinating the Lasallian Youth Leaders (LYL’s) Program, school retreats and reflection days, and creating new and innovative experiences of faith, service and community for young people. They have a responsibility to engage and connect Lasallian Volunteers (former students) to assist in the ‘youth ministry life’ of their base school when possible. 13


9 Lasallian Youth Leaders (LYL’s) LYL’s are positive Christian role models in the school community in the areas of faith, service and community with a particular focus on the junior students of the school. They assist with reflection days and class visits on various topics and participate in a number of social justice activities. Their membership is by choice and they participate in a training day. These young people are the target audience of youth ministry in schools. 1200

10 Services available to Lasallian Schools Many Lasallian schools use the services of other youth ministry organisations that are available for particular year levels. They are often over priced, difficult to book, and provide leaders and facilitators who will never again have contact with the students of our schools. Lasallian Youth Ministry offers an alternative to this by providing retreats and reflection days that use ‘Lasallian Volunteers’ – usually former students of the school. This is also a great initiative to provide Lasallian Volunteers with an opportunity to further their youth ministry skills. 50 Lasallian Volunteers 1000 students

11 These are leadership days/afternoons/weekends that bring together Lasallian Youth Leaders from clusters of schools within regions. The time is spent furthering skills as leaders and adding to their knowledge of De La Salle. The students particularly hone their skills on working with junior students. Lasallian Encounter Days/Afternoons/Weekends Attracts approximately 60 LYL’s each event

12 District Lasallian Leadership Seminar (Australia, New Zealand & PNG) The school leaders of each Lasallian school come together for 5 days to explore and share in their Lasallian heritage, leadership from a Lasallian and gospel perspective and to feel and develop a greater sense of Lasallian community. 70 attend from 23 schools

13 Lasallian Youth Gatherings Young Lasallians from the District gather every 2 years for guest speakers, presentations, prayer, community activities, and an outreach project. Within the 3 separate regions smaller gatherings are held on a more regular basis. The true nature and purpose of the gathering is to share our Lasallian experiences in faith, service & community. They are held in different cities each time. Attracts approx 100 participants each event


15 ‘Share the Mission’ is a volunteer program of Lasallian Youth Ministry and the De La Salle Brothers in the District of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. ‘Share the Mission’ provides committed and talented volunteers to Lasallian works for a period of nine months, full-time, and creatively provides an avenue for volunteers to serve, grow, change their own life, and the lives of others who are marginalised in any way. ‘Share the Mission’ is an opportunity to be formally associated for the Lasallian mission whilst connected to a Brother’s Community for inspiration and discipleship. This unique ministry is about building and strengthening Lasallian relationships in order to bring young people closer to God. Share the Mission 10

16 This is a camp provided to disadvantaged junior students of Lasallian schools each year. Schools are encouraged to find young people who may have struggled during the year in any way or form whether it be school, home life or socially. Lasallian Volunteers are sought from the local area to provide leadership and mentoring to the young people present. Follow up programs mean that this relationship is ongoing. Camp LaSalle Adelaide, Melbourne, New Zealand, Sydney, Queensland Attracts 120 young people each year Attracts 80 Lasallian Volunteers each year

17 Balgo is an Aboriginal community, 900kms north-west of Alice Springs, just inside the WA boarder. The local school is conducted by the De La Salle Brothers. A 2 week program for young Lasallians runs twice a year during the Summer holidays to provide activities for the local young people. Lasallian Volunteers are sourced from Lasallian schools. Balgo Hills Summer Camps, Western Australia Attracts approximately 20 Lasallian Volunteers each year

18 This is a 12 day program where Lasallian Volunteers are challenged to serve and deliver leadership training and Lasallian formation to young people in the four schools of Port Moresby. Volunteers in the program deepen the impact of the Lasallian mission in PNG whilst developing their awareness and understanding of what it means to be Lasallian in a developing country. The Lasallian Volunteers complete the trip by facilitating the PNG Lasallian Leadership Seminar for 180 prefects in the region. PNG Youth Ministry Road Show Attracts approximately 6 Lasallian Volunteers each year


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