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Print and Copy Management

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2 Print and Copy Management

3 About PaperCut PaperCut Headquarters - Melbourne, Australia
North American Support Office - Portland, Oregon Engineering driven software company First print version released in 1998, multifunction version PaperCut MF in 2007 Vendor neutral (Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and major copier brands all equally supported) PaperCut is used in over 30,000 organizations (60% Edu – 40% Corp / Govt) Sites range from 5 to 350,000 users (including largest Edu site USA) Available in 20 languages and is in use in more than 100 countries An Australian (global) success story

4 What is PaperCut MF? Print Management Solution
Audit, Accounting, and Report Tool Embedded interface for many MFDs PaperCut MF features the very latest on-board embedded software where each user can securely access all MFD features and release paused print jobs. Every page logged, charged or accounted for is determined by the system administrator.

5 Why use PaperCut MF? Track Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
Report on usage (e.g. charge back to departments or cost centers) Secure print release and find-me printing Authorize device access (e.g. only use device after card swipe or login) Implement Print Policies to save: Ask users to confirm single-sided printing. Should you be printing this ? Did you mean to print this web page in color? Route large jobs to dedicated high volume printers. Monitor devices: /SMS administrators on printer errors Are your printers being utilized correctly?

6 Why use PaperCut MF? A Simple method to manage copy, print, scan and fax, usage and access Easy to install and administer, e.g. “click next” and follow prompts Import user information via popular user directories (AD, LDAP, etc.) Automatically detects and tracks all existing print queues (MFDs and Printers) Minimal Administration (e.g. define creation rules for new users) Cross-Platform and Vendor Neutral – Windows, Linux, Mac and Novell

7 Cost Effective Solution
PaperCut MF Embedded software Cost Effective Solution Easy to Manage Simple Installation PaperCut MF - Embedded MFD Solutions: 100% PaperCut Leverages the MFD’s power A lower cost than hardware solutions Easy to install and support Part of our core PaperCut software Enables single supplier arrangement Certified and trusted Platform independent

8 Device Embedded Software
Login or Swipe Card Bill Departments Secure Print Release

9 Track and Report Over 50 standard reports
Snapshot report preview feature View in PDF, Excel, HTML formats Auto Schedule & reports Sample Desktop User Widget

10 Customer specific Scripts
Enable Rules & Job Routing Customer specific Scripts

11 Customizable Pop-Ups and Alerts

12 Account Selection and Charging
Standard - Client Charging Advanced Client Billing Charge to a Shared Account Department / Faculty Client / Job Code

13 Web Print (Driverless printing)

14 Printing Payments Overview
Manual Management Administrator adds funds using PaperCut Software Top-Up Voucher Cards Simple way to create and sell pre-paid cards e.g. phone cards Online Payment Gateway Self service reload by credit card e.g. PayPal, World-Pay, Cash Payment Gateway Self service reload by cash loader e.g. VCA Campus Card System Gateway Funds drawn from 3rd party source e.g. Blackboard, CBORD

15 Some Tech Info Interesting Facts for the Technically Oriented
Full clustering support (Microsoft Cluster, MS Failover Cluster, Veritas, Linux HA) Page-level color detection for PCL5, PCL6, HPGL and Postscript Supported External databases: Use Internal database (for up to 5000 users): Apache Derby Link to External Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql (for up to 500,000+ users) SSL encryption used for client-server communication Developed in a Service Oriented Architecture in a number of languages: Java Application Server Native C/C++ for OS Integration layer Misc. Shell and Perl used in Linux version External Dependencies Zero dependencies on Mac and Windows. No need for IIS or .Net Framework on Windows! Perl required on Linux version

16 Who have we helped with Papercut?

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