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WELCOME TO THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Corporate Senior Executive Management Office (CSEMO) “Managing the Executive Life-Cycle for VA” September 9, 2014

2 Senior Executive Onboarding Background
Senior Executive Onboarding is the way the Department acquires, receives and welcomes, and acclimates new leaders into the VA organizational culture and business. The purpose behind onboarding is to: Make new senior executives feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings. Aid in their transition into role as strategic leaders for the Department. Provide a fast track to meaningful, productive work and strong employee relationships.

3 The Need for Senior Executive Onboarding
The first 100 days are critical to setting the tone: “It is surprising how quickly you need to make decisions that are going to stick and once you have made the decision, you are locked. It has to be really good the first time.” Five common derailers* for new senior executives: Failure to establish partnerships and key connections. Lack political savvy to effectively navigate the organization. Failure to establish a culture fit. Unclear about role expectations. Ineffective people management/team building skills. * Based on survey conducted by Corporate Leadership Council. Coaching & Feedback

4 Senior Executive Onboarding Program Goals
For newly placed senior executives, the Onboarding Program will: Provide insights regarding the VA’s structure and culture. Inform on VA Core Values (ICARE), standards, and expectations. Facilitate a smooth transition into a new leadership position. Build critical thinking and strategic decision-making capabilities. Foster the establishment of networks and relationships. Chart a course to achieve executive success. The Secretary charted a deliberate course, requiring the corporate management of VA senior executives and he continuously emphasizes the importance of professional training and development for VA leaders.

5 VA Senior Executive Development Strategy (by timeline & level)
Before 1st day 1st 90 days 4-6 months 6-12 months 12-18 months Recruiting &Hiring Inprocessing SLC II – Basic SLC III – Advanced (future) VA Sponsored Opportunities SLC I – Core Training VA Corporate - CSEMO Orientation Leader Assessment Executive Leadership Coaching (CSEMO & VHA) Inter-Agency Opportunities OPM SES Briefing OPM Seminar Administration - Functional - VHA, VBA, - NCA - VA Staff Administration Specific Onboarding  Prepare Executive Transition Plan Be a Mentor and Transition Sponsor Site/Office Visits Shadowing  Compliance Training Transition Sponsor Coaching & Career Mentoring Prepare Executive Development Plan Individual Performance Management Supervisory & technical Maintain Prof. Certifications Mid-point Assessment Annual Assessment (September) Prepare Performance Management Plan Customized Learning opportunities determined by Assessments & EDP Customized Learning opportunities determined by Assessments & EDP Customized Learning opportunities determined by Assessments & EDP Execute Executive Transition Plan Assessment

6 Onboarding – the Way Ahead
Throughout all phases, CSEMO remains in close contact with new senior executive and his/her supervisor. Begins with in-person or virtual orientation briefing. Monitor progress through the Executive Onboarding Checklist. Conduct required probationary checks (for SES members). Coordinate training and senior executive leader development opportunities. Seek feedback on the onboarding experience. Post-Onboarding - out to 18 months. Monitor and complete probationary status at end of one year. CSEMO will monitor and is ready to assist new VA senior executive with additional resources and support.

7 Point of Contact Ruth Hicks-Oglesby
For more information on CSEMO’s Senior Executive Onboarding Program, contact: Ruth Hicks-Oglesby Executive Training & Development Specialist Patrick M. Gawkins CSEMO, Program Management Director (202)


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