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Programme for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV TURIN).

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1 Programme for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV TURIN)

2 ACTRAV TURIN (1) 1. Focus on eight strategic areas 2. Dynamic linkage with the current agenda of the ILO OSH/E Employment Relations International Labour Standards Gender and W. W. R Employment Policies Social Protection Social Dialogue Inf. Tech. for T. U. Sectoral Programmes for G.U.F.s Training methodology

3 ACTRAV TURIN (2) 3. Focus on production of training materials 5. Enhancement of ACTRAV-Turin Website IT training pack Informal Economy CSR Social protection Organ. Manag. Revision of ILS Manual New site structure for a better user accessibility Enhanced library section for labour educators 4. Effective use & further development of “SoliComm” Pre-course orientation Follow-up activities Services for labour educators: e-mail accounts, mailing list, on-line conferencing, website hosting and e-library Course delivery online

4 ACTRAV TURIN (3) 6. Extended reach via distance education 10 Caribbean countries 14 Pacific countries Brazil Mexico 7. Continue to develop “Labour Education Networks” Strengthening formal networks of former course participants: Americas on OSH and SocPro and Asia/Pacific on ILS 8. Higher targets for gender-mainstreaming 50% as the target for women participation Enhancement in curriculum on gender (with Italian unions) Argentina 10 African countries 10 Asian CPLP

5 ACTRAV TURIN (4) 11. Closer collaboration with other Technical Units on planning/delivery of Bi-/Tripartite-activities 9. Special programs for supporting unions under most difficult circumstances 10. Development and delivery of projects Burma Colombia Burudi Rwanda

6 Strategic Challenges Further efforts in integrating the Programme with the global and regional activities of ACTRAV in Geneva and in the Field Dynamic linkage with the ILO’s strategic agenda (main agenda of the Conference) and the priorities of the Workers’ Group Further development of new services for ACTRAV in the area of labour education Development of labour education networks with SoliComm


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