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Welcome to Mrs. Martin’s 7th / 8th Grade Math Class

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Martin’s 7th / 8th Grade Math Class

2 Have you signed it yet??? If you haven’t already done so, please sign in and leave your address. I try to check my two or three times during the day, so it is a quick and easy way to contact me.

3 How to Contact Me Email Phone
leave message Conference Time 7:25 – 8:15

4 My Background Bachelors Degree from Central Michigan University with Major in Accounting Teaching Certificate through Alternative Certification 6 years teaching in Magnolia (last 4 years teaching 7th grade math) Starting 9th year in Montgomery teaching 7th grade math (1st year teaching 8th grade math) Had 2 children graduate from this district

5 Daily Schedule Warm Up or correct homework (usually graded)
Questions?? answered New lesson 20+ minutes to start homework Assignments Monday through Friday, if not completed it becomes homework

6 Online Help Online Textbook – Pearson Texas
Website Username: Password plunchnumber00 Sign into digits Texas not Activ ebook

7 Grades I go through grades with students usually once per week to keep them informed Daily Grades (assignments) make up 13% of a student’s average Quizzes make up 20% of their average Major Grades (tests,projects) make up 67% of their average Progress Reports will be sent home around Sept. 17 Report Cards sent home around Oct 10

8 Pre-AP Grades Students must maintain an 80 on report cards every 6 weeks to remain in class If not, they are automatically transferred into a 7th grade On Level class

9 Make Up Work Students have number of days plus one to get makeup work turned in No late work will be accepted It is student’s responsibility to pick up missing assignments and to turn them in on time. All assignments are in file box in corner for easy access

10 Tutoring Tutoring is offered most Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 until 3:30 Students can go to any math teacher Must come with questions; tutoring is not an extra class. No extra work will be given or prearranged lessons taught. Help will be given on each students individual needs and questions If behavior is an issue or students come with no work/questions, they will be asked to leave

11 Test Retakes (8th Grade and Pre-AP)
Way to earn better grade Anyone can do no matter what they scored on the test Can only do one retake per 6 week grading period Must sign up to take it Retake is done during homework time or during tutoring. Retake must be done before the next test

12 Test Corrections (7th Grade on level)
Way to better their test grade Must correct all problems missed showing all work Will earn up to 5 points to add to their test grade There is a form to use and there will be a due date for corrections Open to all students regardless of grade

13 Student Companion Used for math notes and examples
Need to have companions with them every day Can be used to help with homework Pre-AP classes are getting copies right now until companions come in

14 Remind Way to get reminders about test, projects and quizzes.
Get text message or depending on how you register. Students and/or parents are welcome to sign up At any time you may cancel the reminders

15 8th Grade On Level

16 7th Grade Pre-AP

17 Calculator Sale MHS Fundraiser Not required
Same calculator should be useful through the college years It is the same calculator we are learning to use in class Gives them an opportunity to use it on homework

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