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Death: A Boon to Mankind

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1 Death: A Boon to Mankind
Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) Reference: The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher, Jafar As-Sadiq

2 Death Imam Sadiq (as) said: “One of the laws of Allah is death. Ignorant people think that death does not serve any purpose or it is, rather, harmful to human beings. Some people have said that it is an act of cruelty of Allah.” “Death serves a very useful purpose and is essential to the survival of mankind. If there were no death the human race would have become extinct.” “Scientists, who tried in the past to do away with natural death, were making a big mistake. I would appeal to future scientists that they should not try to do away with death.”

3 Benefits of death to mankind
Even though the tyrants and powerful people know that they will die someday but still they perpetrate crimes to accumulate wealth. If they knew that they would not die a natural death, they would commit even more crimes and try to lay their hands on the property of others so that they may live a comfortable life forever. To protect their interests, the weak would unite and fight against the strong. The group which proves stronger will destroy the other group. This class struggle will continue until the human race is totally destroyed. If there is no fear of death, there would be no mercy and compassion in the world. Even parents would have no mercy on their children. They love their children and have mercy on them, because they know they will die and would be remembered by them. The fear of death makes the believers fear Allah and worship Him. They know that they will be accountable to Him on Doom’s Day. Without death humans would multiply so much so that every piece of land would be occupied by them and nothing would be left for agriculture and farming. There would be so much shortage of food that hungry people will first eat all the animals and then start eating one another!

4 Dangers of eating excessive meat
Abu Shakir, a student remarked: “What I gather is that it is the will of Allah that we should terminate our lives. Therefore the sooner we do it the better we shall serve His purpose.” Imam said: “Committing suicide is against the Commandments of Allah. He has ordered us to preserve our lives. In order to do this we should not indulge in overeating and drinking. Excessive eating and drinking shortens life.” “This is why my grandfather, Prophet Mohammed (as) has asked us not to eat too much meat and make our stomachs a graveyard of animals.” Abu Shakir asked: “What does this mean?” Imam replied: “ It means we should abstain from eating too much meat.” Abu Shakir said: “Why should I not eat meat? It tastes so good. I cannot give up eating meat!”

5 Dangers of eating excessive meat contd.
Imam Sadiq said: “One may die of a sudden death due to eating meat.” Abu Shakir retorted: “It is the first time I hear from you that we may die suddenly due to eating meat.” Imam replied: “I did not say that everyone, who eats too much meat would die of a sudden death. What I said was that eating too much meat may result in sudden death of some people. There are many people who eat too much meat but nothing happens to them.” Abu Shakir asked: “What is sudden death?” Imam: “It is unexpected death. This kind of death comes to a person, who looks quite healthy, but is sick internally. All of a sudden he goes into a coma and dies.”

6 Dangers of eating excessive meat contd.
Abu Shakir asked: “Are there some internal diseases?” Imam replied: “Yes. Those who consume a lot of meat and rich food may become sick internally without any clear symptoms of sickness, such as loss of appetite, body pain or sleeplessness.” The Imam then explained: “Sudden death may come from sickness of the heart, brain or blood. All three kinds of diseases are caused by thickness (clotting) of the blood, which is due to eating too much meat and rich food.” “When the blood clots in the brain, in the heart or anywhere in the body, it results in death.” “Eating too much meat and rich food makes one old and sends him to the grave before his time.”

7 What causes one to die? Abu Shakir asked: “What causes one to die?”
Imam Sadiq replied: “One cause of death is sickness including the internal sickness, which causes sudden death. The other cause of death is old age. Even a healthy man will die one day due to old age. The Greek Philosopher Hippocrates, has said that even old age is a kind of sickness.” Abu Shakir: “Cant a physician cure the sickness of old age?” Imam said: “This cannot be cured. Everything would die except He, the Creator of life and death. Death is a change of matter from one form to another.” “Death is for the good of mankind and is essential for the survival of the human race. If it was not created by Allah, human beings would have created it themselves.”

8 Quran mentions time of death
Abu Shakir said: “Your views about eating meat, clotting of blood and sudden death seem to contradict the Quran. Allah has said in His Book that everyone will die exactly at the time, which has been fixed for his death by Him, and that no one would die even one hour before or after the appointed time.” Imam Sadiq replied: “There is no contradiction in what I have said and what is in the Quran. Each one of us have a term of life fixed by Allah. We shall die at that time, not one hour before or earlier. However, this is true for ‘natural death’.”

9 Eating excessive meat akin to committing suicide
“Man can also bring death upon himself. This is called suicide. If you cut your jugular vein by your own hand you will die before your time. Similarly, if you eat too much meat and rich food, you will yourself shorten your life span. This is also like committing suicide.” Finally the Imam said: “I know what is in the Quran. I would not say a word, which is contrary to what Allah has said in His Holy Book.”

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