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Greece - Poland: so far, yet so close 3 rd Primary School, Palaio Faliro 6 th grade.

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1 Greece - Poland: so far, yet so close 3 rd Primary School, Palaio Faliro 6 th grade

2 This is our class, and our English teacher, Mrs Vivi Gkoritsa.


4 1 ST TEAM: GOLDEN DRAGON ANDREAS, GEORGE CHRIS AND ANTONIS We like football and basketball. We like playing video games. We like eating pizza, souvlaki and karbonara. Our favorite kinds of music are rock and heavy metal. Our favorite films are Harry Potter, Spiderman 3, The lord of the Ring 3, The Golden Compassand the Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

5 2 nd team: 3 Goddesses Niki, Sophia and Isidora We are Niki, Sophia and Isidora and we are 12 years old. We go to the 6 th grade of 3 rd Primary school, in Palio Faliro, Greece. Niki likes football, basketball, cycling and playing the electric guitar. She also likes listening to music at her free time. Sophia’s hobbies are basketball, chess. She likes playing the piano. She listens to music every day and she watches TV. Her favorite singer is Jennifer Lopez. Isidora’s hobbies are tennis and ski. She likes playing the guitar and listening to music. She also likes watching videos on the Internet.

6 3 rd group: Black roses Katerina, Dimitra and Maryhelen. Hello we are the Black Roses team and we want to meet you. Katerina: I love playing table games, going to the gym, watching comedies and going to the library. I also love reading adventure books. Dimitra: my hobbies are dancing, playing basketball, horse riding and going to Scout Leaders. Maryhelen: I love dancing, swimming, reading books, playing table tennis and drawing. We are waiting to hear from you!!!

7 4rth team: Pirates of the Caribbean Angela, Nick and Alexia Our hobbies are basketball, tennis and scooter. Our favorite actors are Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Jeoffry Rush and Hugh Grant. Our favorite actress is Keira Knightley. Our favorite movies are: Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. Our favorite music groups are Tokio Hotel, Link in the Park, Green Day, Going Through. What are your names and hobbies???

8 5 th team: Marialena, Rania and Marina We are 12 years old and we go to the 3 rd Primary school in Palio Faliro. Marialena: My best friend is Marina. I have got a new computer. I often send e mails to my friends. My hobbies are swimming and basketball. At the weekends I meet my friends and we usually go to the cinema. My favorite groups are Monsoon and Tokio Hotel. Rania: My best friends are Helen, Marina Marialena and Isidora. I am a champion in synchronised swimming. I like playing basketball and volleyball. My hobbies are watching TV. At the weekends I like playing with my friends and I do my homework. I have a dog and a fish. I like playing with my dog. My favorite singer is Avril Laving, Shakira and others. Marina: My name is Marina and I am 12 years old. I go to the 3 rd Primary school and my best friends are Marialena and Rania. I come from Thailand and Philippines but I was born in Athens. I have 2 brothers and I was born on the 11 th of June. I love music and dancing. I’ve got black hair and black eyes. I am tall. I want to meet you and your friends…

9 6 th team: Little Jay Jay Manos, Tassos and Apostolos We are Manos, Tassos and Apostolos. We like football. Every day we play football at school. Manos: I like skating. I skate every day for 3 hours Tassos: I like football and I play football every day for 3 hours. I like Green Day and Scorpions for music. Apostolos: I like Tae-kwo-Do. I go to Tae-kwo-Do scool 3 times every week.

10 7 th team: Happy Friends Helen, Rea, Irini And Evridiki (she was absent) Hello! Our names are ‘Happy Friends’. We are in the 6 th grade and our favorite subject is music. We love the animals. Our favorite sport is tennis and we are 12 years old. What are your names? Tell us about ypurselves. We are waiting a message from you soon!!!

11 8 th team: Alexander, John Hector and George ( he was absent) we are students from the 3 rd Primary school of Palaio Faliro. Our names are Alexander, John, Hector and George. We are 11 years old and we like football and basketball. Alexander is fantastic at music. We like thrillers and our favorite movie is “Scary Movie” 1, 2, 3 and 4. John and George support Olympiakos and Hector and Alexander support Panathinaikos. Our favorite bands are Green Day and Linkin Park. We are good students except from John who is very lazy. Alexander, Hector and George are very good at Maths. Finally we want to come to your country. Regards from Alexander, John Hector and George

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