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Chapter 20 Adolescence & Adulthood

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1 Chapter 20 Adolescence & Adulthood

2 From the ages of 12 to 19, you gradually change from a child into an adult.

3 Secondary Sex Characteristics
Girls Breasts develop Hips Widen Body fat increases Boys Shoulders broaden Hair appears on face and chest Secondary Sex Characteristics

4 Characteristics in Both
Voice deepens Muscle strength increases Body hair appears Skin releases more oils Perspiration increases Characteristics in Both

5 Changes in your body Height and Muscle Mass Growing Pains
Energy Demands Early bloomers & Late Bloomers Changes in your body

6 Mental changes during adolescence include improved abstract thinking, reasoning skills, and impulse control. Abstract thinking- your thoughts and feelings were tied directly to your physical experiences at each moment. Reasoning skills- As you get older your reasoning skills change; including, the way you solve problems and make decisions. Impulse control- making decisions on the spur of the moment and not taking time to set back and decide. Mental Changes

7 During your adolescence, individuals start to define meaning in their lives, a set of personal values, and a sense of self. Examples: Question whether your friends really are Question opinions & beliefs of others (Parents) Question your place in the world Emotional Changes

8 Adolescence & Responsibility
Section 2

9 Responsibilities to yourself
Making everyday decisions Resisting negative influences Thinking about your future Responsibilities to yourself

10 Responsibility to Family
Helping out Giving back Playing by the rules With growing up into an adolescence, there is increased responsibilities that requires more of your time. Responsibility to Family

11 Other Responsibilities
Friends During your adolescence you may realize that your friends are more than just people whom you have fun with. They are people who you really listen to and talk to gain knowledge & support. Community As you get older you may realize that your actions directly affect your community life, and the people around you. As you mature, you will see that these benefits depend on you and people like you. Other Responsibilities

12 What are some ways you can help you community?

13 Physical maturity- the state of being full-grown in the physical sense, by their late teens or early twenties. Emotional maturity- has 3 major factors that contribute to emotional maturity- developing close relationships with others, giving back to society, and learning to accept yourself for who you are. Key Words

14 Approx. 90% of all Americans marry at sometime during their lives.
Why do people Marry? What do you think a successful marriage is? Love, compatibility, and commitment are key factors in a successful marriage. Marriage

15 After the age of 30, adults being to experience changes associated with the aging process. Aging is the normal biological process that you cannot avoid. Physical Changes- grey hair, facial wrinkles, vision & hearing become less sharp. Healthy Aging

16 As you AGE….. Bones shrink in size and become more brittle
The heart has to work harder to pump blood through the body. Memory becomes less sharp Reflexes slow down Skin becomes drier & less elastic. As you AGE…..

17 Diseases of Older Adulthood
Arthritis Osteoporosis Parkinson’s Disease Dementia Alzheimer’s Disease Diseases of Older Adulthood

18 Stages of Dying Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance
Terminal illness- an illness for which there is no chance for recovery. Stages of Dying

19 Staying actively involved in a dying loved one’s life will help both you and the dying person cope.
After the death of a loved one, it is important not to deny your feelings. However, don’t become so overwhelmed with emotion that you forget to take care of yourself. Coping Skills

20 Helping others through their Grief
Be a good listener Write a sympathy note Help with everyday errands If necessary, help your friend get counseling Helping others through their Grief

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