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I Sam 20:1 – Who did David ask, “What have I done? What is my iniquity?” # 20-1 A. Jonathan B. Saul C. Samuel.

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1 I Sam 20:1 – Who did David ask, “What have I done? What is my iniquity?” # 20-1 A. Jonathan B. Saul C. Samuel

2 I Sam 20:2 – Jonathan told David his father would do _________ without telling him? # 20-2 A.Anything large B. Nothing either great or small C. Anything great or small

3 I Sam 20:3 – David told Jonathan that Saul knew he had _________? # 20-3 A. Found a place in Jonathan’s heart B. Found a place to hide from Saul C. Found favor in Jonathan’s eyes

4 I Sam 20:3 – What did David tell Jonathan was between David and death? # 20-4 A. A breath between him & death B. A step between him & death C.A bridge between him & death

5 I Sam 20:5 – Where was David to be because of the New Moon? # 20-5 A. In battle for the king B.Playing the harp for the king C. Sitting to eat with the king

6 I Sam 20:5 – Where was David going to hide until evening of the third day? # 20-6 A.In the caves B.In the field C. In the rocks

7 I Sam 20:6 – If Saul missed David, Jonathan was to tell Saul that David went to ________? # 20-7 A. Bethlehem B. Gilgal C. Shiloh

8 I Sam 20:6 – What did David tell Jonathan happened yearly in Bethlehem? # 20-8 A. All the family worships together B.Sacrifice of all the families’ animals C. Sacrifice for all the family

9 I Sam 20:8 – David told Jonathan if there was iniquity in him, to ________? # 20-9 A.Turn him over to Saul B. To kill him C. To forgive him

10 I Sam 20:11 – Where did David and Jonathan go? # 20-10 A. Into the palace B. Into a cave C. Into the field

11 I Sam 20:12 – Who was witness to the words between Jonathan and David? # 20-11 A. The angel of the Lord B. Jonathan’s servants C. The Lord God of Israel

12 A.So David could form an army B. So David might go in safety C. So David would have time to flee I Sam 20:13 – Why was Jonathan going to tell David if Saul wants to do him evil? # 20-12

13 A.Samuel B. Jonathan C. Saul I Sam 20:15 – Who said to David, “You shall not cut off your kindness from my house forever?” # 20-13

14 I Sam 20:16 – Who did Jonathan make a covenant with? # 20-14 A. The family of David B.The house of David C. The sons of David

15 I Sam 20:17 – Jonathan loved David _____? # 20-15 A. “as he loved his own soul” B. “as if David were a brother” C. “as he loved his own father”

16 I Sam 20:19 – What did Jonathan tell David to remain by? # 20-16 A. The Ebenezer stone B. The rock of Mizpah C.The stone Ezel

17 I Sam 20:20 – How many arrows was Jonathan going to shoot? # 20-17 A. One B. Three C. Five

18 I Sam 20:21 – It was safe for David if Jonathan told the lad? # 20-18 A.“the arrows are on this side of you.” B. “the arrows are beyond you” C. “stop looking for the arrows”

19 I Sam 20:22 – What was the sign for David to go his way, if Jonathan told the lad? # 20-19 A.“the arrows are on this side of you.” B. “the arrows are beyond you” C. “stop looking for the arrows”

20 I Sam 20:25 – Who sat by Saul’s side at the feast of the New Moon? # 20-20 A. Doeg B. Jonathan C.Abner

21 I Sam 20:25 – Where was the king’s seat when the New Moon had come? # 20-21 A. By the altar B. On a seat by the wall C.In Gilgal

22 I Sam 20:26 – Why did Saul think David was not at the feast? # 20-22 A. David was tired B. David was unclean C. David had been killed

23 I Sam 20:27 – When did Saul ask why David had not come to eat? # 20-23 A. The second day of the month B. The second week of the feast C. The second month of the year

24 I Sam 20:27 – What did Saul ask when David as not there? # 20-24 A. B. “Why did the son of Jesse leave” C. “Why has the son of Jesse not come to eat” “Do you know where he is”

25 I Sam 20:28? – Jonathan told Saul that David had ____________? # 20-25 A. Planned on not being there B. Asked permission to go to Bethlehem C. Was sorry he missed the dinner

26 I Sam 20:29 – Who commanded David to be at Bethlehem? # 20-26 A. Samuel B. David’s aged father C. David’s brother

27 I Sam 20:30 – In his anger, Saul called Jonathan _________? # 20-27 A. The son of a unrighteous father B. The son of a rebellious woman C. A child of unrighteousness

28 I Sam 20:30 – What had Jonathan chosen “to the shame of his mother’s nakedness”? # 20-28 A. The honor of David B. The throne of Israel C. The son of Jesse

29 I Sam 20:31 – Saul told Jonathan that as long as David lived _____? # 20-29 A. The people will love David more than Jonathan B. Jonathan’s kingdom would not be established C. There will always be conflict between Saul & David

30 I Sam 20:33 – How did Jonathan know Saul intended to kill David? # 20-30 A.Saul cast a spear at Jonathan B. Saul sent out a search party for David C. Saul offered a reward to the one who killed David

31 I Sam 20:34 – Why did Jonathan not eat on the second day of the month? # 20-31 A. He was saddened over his mother B. He was angry with Saul C. He was grieved for David

32 I Sam 20:35 – When did Jonathan go into the field with a little lad? # 20-32 A. In the morning before sunrise B. At the time appointed with David C. In the evening to meet David

33 I Sam 20:38 – Jonathan cried after the lad, “Make haste, _______”? # 20-33 A. “hurry, do not look back!” B. “hurry, come back soon!” C. “hurry, do not delay!”

34 I Sam 20:41 – After the lad left, what happened? # 20-34 A. Jonathan bowed three times B. Jonathan & David bowed three times C. David bowed three times

35 A. David B. Jonathan C. Samuel I Sam 20:42 – Who said, “May the Lord be between you and me..”? # 20-35

36 I Sam 20:42 – After David left, Jonathan did what? # 20-36 A. Wept alone B. Went into the city C. Shot more arrows

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