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Chapter 20 Personal Selling And Sales Promotion0

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2 Chapter 20 Personal Selling And Sales Promotion0

3 Objectives Understand purposes of personal selling
Describe steps in personal selling process Identify types of sales force personnel Recognize types of personal selling Understand sales management decisions and activities Explain sales promotion activities and how used Explore specific consumer/trade sales promotion methods

4 Elements of the Personal Selling Process
Prospecting Preapproach Approach Making the presentation Overcoming objections Closing the sale Following up

5 General Steps in the Personal Selling Process

6 Prospect Must Be: Able Willing Authorized

7 Many sales teams use technology like WebEx to enhance presentations
Reprinted with permission of WebEx Communications, Inc.

8 Advantages/Disadvantages Of Personal Selling
Freedom to adjust message to customer Most precise promotion method Most expensive promotion method

9 Types Of Salespeople Order Getter Order Taker Support Personnel
Current-Customer New-Business Order Taker Inside Field Support Personnel Missionary Trade Technical

10 Selected Types Of Selling
Team – experts from all functional areas of a firm, led by a salesperson, to conduct the personal selling process Relationship – mutually beneficial long-term associations with a customer through regular communications

11 Managing The Sales Force
Establish Objectives Determine Size Recruit/Select Train Compensate Salary Commission Combination Motivate Manage Territories Create Route/Schedule Control/Evaluate

12 Prepare Job Description Analyze Successful Salespeople
Recruiting Steps Prepare Job Description Develop Requirements Analyze Successful Salespeople

13 Compensating Salespeople
Straight salary compensation plan paid a specified amount despite effort Straight commission compensation plan compensated solely by sales Combination compensation plan

14 Average Salaries for Sales Representatives

15 Sales Force Compensation Methods

16 Managing Sales Territories
Creating sales territories Measurable sales potential Geographic size Routing and scheduling salespeople Geographic size/shape Number of customers

17 Controlling and Evaluating Sales Force Performance
Information for managers Call reports Customer feedback Invoices Set sales objectives/performance indicators Calls per day and cost per call Average sales per customer and gross profit per customer Actual sales vs. sales potential Number of new customer orders

18 Nature of Sales Promotion
Sales promotion – an activity and/or material intended to induce resellers or salespeople to sell a product or consumers to buy it

19 Consumer Sales Promotion Methods
Sales promotion techniques that encourage consumers to patronize specific stores or try particular products

20 Coupons A written price reduction used to encourage consumers to buy a specific product

21 Effect Of Income On Coupon Usage

22 Effect Of Age On Coupon Usage

23 Coupon Advantages Effective for brand awareness Users
Reward present Win back former Encourage quantity purchase Traceable to target market

24 Coupon Drawbacks Fraud Misredemption Expensive for manufacturers
Losing value Brand loyalty diminished Not enough of item in stock

25 Types Of Coupons Cents-Off Money Refunds Rebates
Frequent-User Incentives

26 Other Promotional Methods
Point-of-Purchase Materials Demonstrations Free Sample Premiums Consumer Contests Consumer Games Sweepstakes

27 Trade Sales Promotion Methods
Intended to persuade wholesalers and retailers to carry a producer’s products and market them more aggressively

28 Methods Trade Allowances Cooperative Advertising and Dealer Listing
Buying Buy-back Scan-back Merchandise Cooperative Advertising and Dealer Listing Free Merchandise and Gifts Premium (Push) Money Sales Contests

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