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EcoVantage Thermally Modified Wood

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1 EcoVantage Thermally Modified Wood
WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? EcoVantage Thermally Modified Wood The History, Process and Applications of Thermally Modified Wood Products Presented By: Carlyle Holman

2 History of Thermally Modified Wood
Centuries ago, the Vikings treated wood with fire. They discovered that burning the surface of cut wood made it more resistant to the effects of outdoor exposure. Europeans in the last one hundred years improved the thermal process by incorporating steam. We have taken it to the next level with our EcoPrem process! The Viking Museum-Oslo

3 The Process No Chemicals are Used! Wood Treated with Heat and Steam
Most Pressured Treated Wood Dried at 140*F EcoPrem Processed over 400 * F Eliminates Sugars and Starches

4 The Process (continued)
Process is similar for softwoods and hardwoods Softwood Used: Southern Yellow Pine Hardwoods: Hickory, Oak and many more! Patent protected proprietary process: consistent results

5 Environmental Facts Natural Wood Product Free of toxins and chemicals
Fully recyclable Bio-degradable material Comparable energy consumption to pressure treated wood

6 Key Properties Permeability (water absorption) reduced
Warp, twist, expansion, contractions substantially reduced Hardness improved (Brinell Scale) Strength reduced (8%-9%) Density increased (5%-10%) Biological durability improved

7 Advantages of Thermally Modified Wood
100% Environmentally Friendly Zero Toxicity Dimensionally Stable Beauty of Real Wood Remarkably Durable No Resin, sugars, low moisture (resists rot.) 30 Year Warranty

8 Working With EcoPrem Safe: No Chemicals to harm workers
Sawing: No difference from untreated wood Planing: Use ordinary planing equipment Milling: Requires sharp blades Sanding: Sandpaper does not gum up...less sap Gluing: Glues with water base of 10%-12% best Drilling: Pre-drilling not required if using self drilling deck screws

9 Deck & Railing Systems EcoDeck - A UV coating* is recommended to maintain color and warmth of the wood Resists - rot and decay Beauty - of real wood Sustainable * Wood Defender coating recommended, GreenSpec approved

10 Premium Structural Wood
High Strength: Light Weight: Indoor & Outdoor Durability: Dimensionally Stable:

11 Wood Landscape Products
Docks Piers Fences Arbors Pergolas

12 Premium Wood Siding & Flooring Products
Lightweight Durable Resists Rot and Water Damage Beautiful in Interiors with Hardwoods

13 Diverse Product Line Deck & Railing Line Wood Landscape Line
Wood Structural Line Wood Siding Line
















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