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Olympus DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder We’re high tech now, baby!

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1 Olympus DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder We’re high tech now, baby!

2 Who Gets A Recorder?  Every CPS worker  CPS On-call workers* *Some offices will share one recorder and rotate it among those that do on-call

3 Components  Recorder  Remote Controller Microphone  Ear phones  Carrying case  Cradle  USB Cable

4 Components (Cont)  Instruction Manual  CD for Software Installation  Strap  2 AAA batteries (make sure your office managers maintain a supply)  Note: Online instructions are also included and will be installed on your computer when you install the Olympus DSS Player 2002 software. You can access online instructions using Adobe Acrobat.

5 Use  The recorders are property of DCFS. You will need to return the recorder and all its components upon transfer to a non-CPS position or termination of employment  You are responsible for your recorder. Replacement due to loss or damage will be determined by your region.

6 Open Your Instruction Manual

7 Precautions (Pg. 4)  Don’t leave in a hot or cold car  Don’t get wet or dirty  Do not place on top of electric appliances such as a TV or refrigerator  Try not to drop  Don’t use while driving

8 Cool Features (Pg. 6)  8 hours and 45 minutes of recording time in High Quality Mode, which is what we will be using  Five folders that can hold 199 files each, up to 995 recordings (we will cover folders in a minute)

9 Use the Recorder Effectively (Process #1)

10 Identification of Parts (Pg. 8)

11 Inserting Batteries (Pg. 10)

12 Setting Time/Date (Pg. 12) Use 24 hour time on your recorder to be consistent with SAFE

13 Changing Time/Date (Pg. 13)

14 LCD Display Panel (Pg. 9)

15 Hold Switch (Pg. 54)  This is basically your On/Off or Power  We’re not sure why they call it Hold Switch  The Hold Switch is not a “Pause”

16 Folders  Five folders: A B C D E  Select folder by pressing the “Folder/Repeat” button on the front of the recorder. Total number of recorded files in the folder Current file number Current folder

17 Recording (Pg. 18)

18 Important!  Every time you press “Record” followed by “Stop”, a new audio file is created. If you press “Stop” and then continue the interview, the interview will be stored as two separate audio files  Do not use the pause function during an interview. Interviews should be recorded start to finish  Attaching the remote controller microphone turns off the internal microphone. Do not attach or detach the microphone while recording.

19 Recording Modes (Pg. 23)  There are 3 recording modes on the device:  HQ (High Quality)  SP (Standard Playback)  LP (Long Playback)  USE HIGH QUALITY MODE ONLY!

20 Playing Recordings (Pg. 25)

21 Erasing Files (Pg. 51-52)

22 Notes on Erasing Files (Pg. 53)  An erased file cannot be restored  If the erase button is not pressed within 8 seconds after “File Erase?” or “All Erase?” starts flashing, the recorder will revert to stop status.  Completion of erasing may take up to 10 seconds. Never do anything during this period because data may be corrupted  Let’s practice!

23 Installing Software (Pg. 15)

24 Language Selection

25 Software Selection

26 InstallShield Wizard Click Next

27 License Agreement Read & click “Yes”

28 Choose Destination Folder Select “Next”. Do not change the default setting.

29 Select Program Folder Select “Next”. Do not change the default setting.

30 Start Copying Files Click “Next”

31 Installation Complete Click “Finish”

32 Return to Software Selection Click Exit

33 Connecting Your Cradle to Your Computer (Pg. 36)  The DSS Player 2002 software opens when you place the recorder in the cradle and turn on the power  When connected with power on, “Remote” will display on the LCD Panel of the recorder

34 Windows Dialogue Box  Windows will open the dialogue box to the right when you place the recorder in the cradle. To prevent this each time take the following action:  Highlight “Take no action”  Check the “Always do the selected action” box  Click “OK”

35 DSS Player - 2002 Software

36 User ID  Each recorder is assigned a four digit user ID  The user ID becomes the first four digits of every file name created on that particular recorder  Factory default is DM20  The next four digits of the file name are assigned in numerical order, i.e., DM200001, DM200002, etc.

37 Important!  Your user ID will be your four digit SAFE worker ID  You will need to transfer your SAFE worker ID to your recorder (we’ll show you how to do this)  SAFE will use this number to locate your files once downloaded on the designated drive. Write your number down!

38 Transfer Your SAFE User ID to Your Recorder  Turn the recorder on and place in the cradle  Click “Transfer User ID” icon on the tool bar

39 Transfer Your SAFE User ID to Your Recorder (Cont)  In the following dialogue box, enter your SAFE User ID and select transfer

40 Caution: Exchanging Recorders  Do not exchange recorders unless absolutely necessary  If you do have to exchange, or you are in an office that shares a recorder (for On-call purposes), you should transfer the User ID before making audio recordings

41 Good Luck! Call the SAFE Helpdesk for help 538-4141

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