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An improved imperiled species system for Florida Staff ideas, February 2009.

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1 An improved imperiled species system for Florida Staff ideas, February 2009

2 Team vision A system that combines imperiled species listing, protection and management that: Is understood and supported Is transparent, science informed, objective and quantitative. Accurately identifies species that are imperiled Provides a framework to effectively conserve imperiled species Is supported with adequate funding and people. Provides a platform for partnerships to effectively conserve imperiled species Is complemented by FWCs other management programs

3 Exotic Species HarvestedS pecies Non-game Species Imperiled Species Federal ESA Species management continuum Imperiled Species Management System = How we manage imperiled species in Florida

4 The list: Two components based on how species are assessed Florida species listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA): Federally Threatened Federally Endangered Florida species at risk of extinction but not listed under the federal ESA (Floridas state listed species) No overlap Federal State

5 Floridas Imperiled Species List FederalState CalledFloridas federally listed species Floridas state listed species Listed byUS Endangered Species Act by USFWS or NMFS State listing process & approved by Commission CategoriesEndangered & Threatened; treated same Single category (on or off list)

6 Floridas Imperiled Species List Millsap et al. 1990 method FWCs current IUCN-based method Hybrid: Millsap as filter then FWCs current IUCN-based method determining whether or not to list Florida species listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) as: Federally Threatened Federally Endangered Federal ComponentState Component options

7 MillsapFWC current IUCN-based Scientifically based? Yes Scientific method Quantitative & Expert opinion Quantitative Listing threshold Must be established Established

8 ESA method The use of the ESA listing criteria for assessing the state component of the list is not recommended. –The criteria are not fully quantitative –Would result in increased conflicts when determining whether to list a species –Increase in public confusion between the state and federal listing systems

9 Removal from list Federal species would be removed from Floridas Imperiled Species List when they are removed from the ESA list The species management plan for the Florida component would include quantitative objectives and measures to determine when species can be de-listed A management plan must be completed for species removed from the list

10 Protections Species on the Florida Imperiled Species List would be protected by Florida statute and by FWC rule that would prohibit specific actions Specific rules and protections may be adjusted to meet species needs and may be more or less stringent than the basic protections Species listed by ESA would also have federal protection, regulation, and permits –FWC could adopt additional state rules and regulations and issue state permits –regulatory and permitting authority could be delegated between federal agencies and FWC for particular species to avoid duplicate or redundant regulation

11 Protections Questions –what level of penalty (felony, misdemeanor) is most effective –what permits would be issued –how to address the issue of incidental take

12 Management plans Management plans can be tailored to each listed species conservation needs and to balance the available resources for conservation –may be complex and long-term –may be terse and focused –would normally include recommendations for rules and regulations that conserve the species Management plans will prioritize resources and activities May develop multi-species or habitat-based plans

13 Conclusion This proposed new system should incorporate the following elements: make listing species more clear and more efficient remove any discrepancy between Federal ESA and Florida imperiled listing provide a customized management plan for each listed species to meet its conservation needs retain objective criteria, scientific information and full transparency

14 The FWC seeks continued input from stakeholders to evaluate and refine these proposals

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