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An Bhliain 2013-2014 Cead Mile Failte We hope that this year in St Michael`s will be very happy for you and your child!

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1 An Bhliain 2013-2014 Cead Mile Failte We hope that this year in St Michael`s will be very happy for you and your child!

2 St Michael`s School Ethos Our school is a happy and safe place where every child matters. We look forward to working with you in the interest of your child`s all- round learning and personal development. We have a wonderful staff and you can be assured of our full co-operation and commitment at all times.We work well as a team. We have an in-school management team 11 of the most senior teachers which meets weekly to organise /discuss/plan and coordinate all aspects of school life.

3 St Michael`s Mission Statement Our school aims to provide a happy,secure,respectful,friendly and creative learning environment where children,parents, teachers,all the support staff and the B.O.M work in partnership. Our vision is that of a caring,loving,Catholic school where all children are cherished,whatever their ability,race or creed.

4 Mission Statement continued We seek to give equal opportunity to all the children to reach their full potential,academically,spiritually,socially, physically and emotionally. We aim to provide the children with a wide variety of opportunities and experiences to enhance their lives.

5 Board of Management The BOM run the school. It is made up of 8 people,2 parent nominees,2 patron's nominees,2 community representatives and 2 teachers (one of whom is the principal). Our school Patron is the Archbishop of Dublin,Dr Diarmuid Martin.

6 Parents` Association We have a wonderful new Parents` Association which was set up in the last year.All parents are most welcome to be a part of it and to help out with any activities that are going on in the school. The school welcomes communication,participation,and collaboration with parents based on mutual trust and respect.

7 Who works in St Michael`s? Principal and 21 teachers(14 mainstream class teachers,5 learning support/resource teacher,I Special Class teacher and 1 ASD unit teacher ) 2 Home/ School/Community Liaision teachers shared across the campus 9 Special Needs Assistants 2 secretaries 2 housekeepers 1 Caretaker

8 Discipline / 6 Golden Rules I will work hard. I will listen. I will be gentle. I will be kind. I will be honest. I will respect property.

9 Curricular Subjects Language-Gaeilge and English Mathematics-Mathematics Social,Environmental and Scientific Education-History,Geography and Science. Arts Education-Music,Art and Drama. Physical Education- Athletics,Games,Dance Swimming,Gymnastics etc

10 Curricular Subjects continued Social,Personal and Health Education- Stay Safe programme,Self –Esteem,Internet Safety,Bullying Topics,Hygiene, Substance Abuse etc. All children have access to the computer room and each class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and any other technology which enhances learning.

11 Important things to know Uniform-wine and blue,available Topshop and O`Neills,Walkinstown. Simple navy tracksuit-can be bought in any shop. Lunches are provided by Carambola. Milk and sandwiches also available.(We have a Healthy Eating Policy) Good punctuality expected,you disturb office,teacher and your class if you are always late.

12 Attendance Policy Attendance is tracked in accordance with the Education Welfare Act. We have monthly Attendance meetings. The school has a duty to report any child who has missed more than 20 days in one academic year. The Principal has no discretion on this. Children should not be collected early except in an emergency,an adult must collect them. Early collections are recorded in a book in the office.

13 Child Protection St Michael`s adheres to the HSE`s policy on Child Protection. The Designated Liaison Person is the Principal,Yvonne O`Shea. The Deputy DLP is Kathryn Morgan. We must report to the HSE any suspected form of child abuse(Neglect,Physical,Emotional or Sexual)and we do report as required by law. We have fortnightly Care Team Meetings.

14 Activities in St Michael`s Homework clubs Rainbows programme Athletics/GAA/Camogie/Soccer/Basketball Yearly Musical-Rehearsals in Drama/Dance/Singing after school. Orchestra Green Schools Committee Student Council Assemblies for the whole school community. Many clubs are run on a voluntary basis by teachers. Active School Committee

15 Book Bills We believe that our book bills are the cheapest of all the schools in Ballyfermot. They must be paid,if you are having difficulty you can pay by instalments. Everybody paid last year because Sandra and Mary followed up all outstanding bills as requested by the Board of Management.

16 Read at Home Programme Third to Sixth Class have an extra Reading programme which we invested in to raise the standards of reading in the school. It was very successful and we have extended it to First and Second Class. It requires a commitment from parents to listen to their child read every night (4 times weekly) as part of homework.

17 Remember! Good attendance is crucial to learning. Talk and read to your child daily. Statistics show 4yr old coming to school for the first time that is not read to has a vocabulary of 400 words,4yr old that is read to has 1000 words 85% of a child`s time spent in the home environment, only 15% is spent in a school environment. Encourage them always. Support the class teacher. If you have a problem discuss it with us immediately. Supervise the homework and sign it so that teacher knows you are working with your own child. Take part in school life. Co-operate with our exit door policy for Health and Safety reasons

18 Senior Classes As the girls grow they will need more of your time and support. Talk constantly to them, take an interest in what is going on in their lives. Be aware that friendships can be tricky at this stage. Monitor them and their phones, it`s illegal for them to have a Facebook page etc Be confident in your own knowledge, life skills and experience. Have a long–term view of where you want your child to be in 10 years time. Never be afraid to say NO

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