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Constructing an Atom We’re going sub-atomic!

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1 Constructing an Atom We’re going sub-atomic!

2 Sub-Atomic! Sub-Atomic just means, smaller then an atom.
This is related to the parts that make up an atom. An Atom is made up of three parts: Neutrons- neutrons are found in the nucleus and have no charge Neutral =Neutron Protrons- Protons are found in the nucleus and are positively charged. Positive-protrons Neutrons and Protons make up the nucleus of an Atom.

3 Sub-Atomic! Electrons- Electrons are located outside of the nucleus and are negatively charged! They are constantly moving. Protons, Neutrons and electrons together make an atom.

4 Sub-Atomic? Why are atoms important?
Besides being the most smallest unit that matter is made up of, They make the elements. Why is the nucleus and electrons so important to the elements? Depending on the number of protons and neutrons in the Nucleus and electrons determines what type of element it will be!

5 Sub - Atomic Depending on the electron/proton ratio depends if an Atom is negatively charged or positively charge. So if it has more protons then electrons then it will be _________________? If it has more Electrons then Proton then it will be ____________? What if it has more neutrons then protons?

6 Iso….What? When neutrons are more numerous than Protons the atoms become an Isotope. What does this mean? Doesn’t effect the charge, because neutrons doesn’t have ______________ ? Will it effect the weight?

7 Atomic Mass The Atomic Mass is the weight of an atom.
Remember that atoms make up matter And matter is anything that occupies space and has a mass Well this is where the matter gets its mass!! The Atomic Mass is neutrons + Protons!! So when an atom has more neutrons than protons it won’t effect the charge but it will effect its weight!

8 Atomic Number While we’re talking about the Atomic Mass why not the Atomic Number? The Atomic Number is the total number of Protons. If you can not find the number of Protons you can count the electrons and that is equal to the Protons. PROTONS #= ELECTRONS #

9 Valence Electrons Valence electrons- these are the electrons on the outer most orbit of the atom. This does not include all the electrons just the electrons on the outer orbit of the atom. Valence Electrons are responsible for atoms to react to each other!!!

10 Electron Cloud Orbits Each Atom can hold a specific amount of electrons in each orbit. 1st can hold 2 2nd can hold 8 3rd can hold 8 Atoms can have more than 3 orbits with more than 8 electrons on them. The outer most orbit is responsible for atoms to react to each, by combining them to make Compounds. What is located on the outer orbit for this to happen?

11 O.M.G…Can I get some help? Periodic table to the rescue!
The Periodic table is a table with all the elements and their atom’s information Important!! If you know how to read the Periodic table then you’ll be able to tell everything about an element and its atom!! ITS LIKE YOUR CHEATING!!!!!.....BUT NOT!!!


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