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Welcome To CCE Orientation Programme classes - vi to X

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1 Welcome To CCE Orientation Programme classes - vi to X

2 CCE - Orientation Meeting To Parents for the Academic Year 2014-15

3 Date : 01. 11. 2014 Kalanipakkam, Vellore District, Pin. – 635809,
ANUVRAT VIDHYALAYA (CBSE) SCHOOL, Kalanipakkam, Vellore District, Pin. – , Tamil Nadu, India. Date :

4, ph. 9488961021 Email:
CBSE Affiliation No / affiliation / academics

5 Scholastic Subjects On Offer
(Compulsory) English (1st Language) Tamil / Hindi (2nd Language) Mathematics Science (Social Studies) (Optional) Hindi / Tamil (3rd Language) for 3rd to 8th Std only Computer Science

6 Co-Scholastic Subjects (Heads)
Life Skills Work Education Visual and Performing Arts Attitudes & Values Literary & Creative Skills Scientific Skills Health & Physical Education

7 Co-Scholastic Subjects On Offer
Art / Craft Comp.Education Dance Value Education Library Visits / Competition Opportunities Lab Visits / Practicals / PPt Presentations by Students Karate / Swimming / Yoga

8 CCE Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

9 What is ‘continuous’ & ‘comprehensive’ evaluation
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)refers to a system of school-based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students development.


11 CCE Term – I (April to September) with summer Holidays
Term – II (October to March) with Winter Holidays Formative Assessment (FA1, FA2, FA3 & FA4) Summative Assessment (SA1 & SA2)

12 CCE Scholastic Co-Scholastic

13 FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Assessment which is carried throughout the year by the teacher formally and informally

Will comprise of : Class work Homework Oral questions Quizzes Projects Assignments/Tests Unit Test



17 Overall FA Grade:____ Overall SA Grade:_______ CGPA Grade:________
Part – I Academic Performance Aspects Term I Term II Total FA1 FA2 SA1 Total SA+FA FA3 FA4 SA2 Total SA+FA TERM I + II 1 English 2 II – Language (T/H) 3 Mathematics 4 Science 5 Social Science 6 Overall FA Grade:____ Overall SA Grade:_______ CGPA Grade:________


19 Language Assessment (LSRW Skills)
Spoken skill Use of Vocabulary Conversation ability Recitation / oration Communication with peers / Teachers / Officials Use of Memory in Oration Listening skill Aural-Oral activities Understanding and responding to instructions Speed and accuracy in listening Listening to feedback from peers / group members

20 Language Assessment (LSRW Skills)
Reading Skill Pronunciation Fluency Comprehension News Reading / Presentation Text Book Portion Reading Advertiisement / Announcement Reading Writing Skill Vocabulary Basic Grammar Creative expression Handwriting Sentence construction Use of figures of speech Use of appropriate examples

21 Group Activity Language Assessment Individual Activity
HW/ Assignment / Composition writing / Reference Activities / PPT Presentation / Mono Acting (Role Play) / Poem Writing Group Activity Open Book Reference Work Scrap Book Preparation Role Play / Character Enactment Debate Participation

22 Language Assessment Slip Tests Unit Tests Work Book Tests
Surprise Tests Monthly Tests Total = Grade FA1, FA3 – Paper Pen works FA2 , FA4 –Activity based FA Marks out of 20-40 Converted to 10 point Scale

23 ACTIVITIES FOR - English / II Language
Pick & speak Paragraph writing with relevant pictures Story telling / writing Reading test Class magazine Missing Letters / Proposition MCQ Collage Role play UNIT TEST Listening comprehension Conversation Dialogue writing / oral Debate Oration Recitation PPT Quiz Grammar Practice with Picture

24 (Mathematics) Number concepts / Tables CW / HW Activity Mental Ability Tests Use of Formulae, Theorems Use of Mind in Geometrical shapes Construction Mathematical Logic

25 ACTIVITIES FOR - Maths Collage Class work Home work Mental ability
Class response Peer teaching Peer assignment Mind mapping UNIT TEST Slip Test / Monthly Test Lab activity / Lab Record Paper cutting & pasting Domino cards for basic operation Quiz Buying & selling – class activity Peg board Prime & composite - Beads MCQ Model making PPT

26 Science Scientific literacy (Individual activity)
Scientific Reasoning / Problem solving (individual activity) Scientific Understanding (Individual Activity) Psychomotor skills (Group Activity) Slip test Monthly test Vocabulary Reading Writing Defining Application of mind Use of precaution Presence of Mind In the practical process Organising information / sequencing steps Identification & labeling Diagramming Assignment / Record works / Project works

Science talk Pick & speak Experimental work Group work Quiz Class response Model making PPT Lab activity Collecting pictures relevant to the topic Drawing of the diagram Mind mapping Scrap book activity Role play Chart making Collage making Compare & contrast UNIT TEST

28 ACTIVITIES FOR Social Studies
Compare & contrast Model making Role play / skit Open book test Peer teaching Collecting pictures related to the topic PPT Field trip – report Seminar Quiz Map work Map recognition Collage work Mock parliament UNIT TEST

MON TUE WED THU FRIDAY SOCIAL -Drawing-save our resources TAM / HIN.- Reading Practice ENG- Reading, LN-6 P.NO.70 MAT- Concept, Vocabulary EVS-Vocabulary & Recognition, CS-Vocabulary, ENG-Comprehension SOC-Deforestation (activity) Tam: Aural & Oral Mat: Tables Eng: Extra Reading- Supplementary Reader le-5 Tam- Extra Reading Eng: Spelling Ln: 6,7 Tam- Spelling CS- Sequencing Steps in Process Tam: Conversation Eng Aural Oral Pg no 81

30 Term-II Unit test Time Table
Duration: 40 minutes Marks :20 For classes 6 - 10 Date Day Subjects 14/10/2014 Tuesday Maths 21/10/2014 Science 28/10/2014 English 04/11/2014 Social 11/11/2014 II language 18/11/2014 III Language 25/11/2014 Computer science 02/12/2014 09/12/2014 06/01/2015 20/01/2015 Computer 27/01/2015 II Language 17/02/2015 24/02/2015


32 Work Education Art & Craft & SUPW Classes
( Socially Useful Productive Work) Computer software learning, Gardening-Vermicomposting, Typewriting, Textile – Fabric design, Fabric Painting Craft Work, Embroidery Interior Designing & Home management

33 Visual & Performing Arts Inter-House Activities Computer Aided Presentations Class cultural / music Talent Shows Variety Entertainment Shows Stage performance competitions (inter- school)

34 Attitudes & Values Attitude towards Teachers Schoolmates School Programmes Value system towards society, country, etc.

35 Literary, Creative, Scientific, ICT & Leadership skills
Any Language Elocution / Debates / Model Parliament, Assembly, Panchayat sessions Art & Craft Exhibitions, Science Exhibitions, Participation in Lab Activities IHA – computer Aided Presentations (Information & communication Technology) Team / House Captainships, Class monitoring, Volunteering activities, Team spirit related activities.

36 Health & Physical Education Yoga , Karate, Sports, Games, Swimming, Skating, Scouts & Guides, First Aid Camps, Gardening, etc.

37 Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)
for Class-9 Students (Compulsory)..Comes up On November 20, 2014. (FA4 of 9th & 10th) 6-8 students Hindi Prachar Sabha Exams OTBA by CBSE for Class IX Students – Part of SA-2 Question Papers (compulsory) SGAI (Students Global Aptitude Index for Class-10 Students, by CBSE) April 2015

38 Descriptive Indicators
Part -II: Co-Scholastic Area ( To be assessed on a 5 point scale once in a year) 2(A) LIFE SKILLS S.No. Aspects Descriptive Indicators Grade THINKING SKILLS 1 Self Awareness: 2 Problem Solving: 3 Decision Making: 4 Critical Thinking: 5 Creative Thinking: SOCIAL SKILLS Interpersonal Relationships Effective Communication: EMOTIONAL SKILLS Empathy: Managing Emotions: Dealing with stress:

39 Descriptive Indicators Descriptive Indicators Descriptive Indicators
2(B): WORK EDUCATION Descriptive Indicators Grade 2(C): VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Descriptive Indicators Grade 2(D): ATTITUDES & VALUES S.No. Attitudes towards Descriptive Indicators Grade 1 Teachers: 2 Schoolmates: 3 School Programme and Environment:

3 (A) CO- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (ANY TWO) S.No. Aspects Descriptive Indicators Grade 1 Literary Skills: 2 Scientific skills: 3 Information & Communication Technology: 4 Organizational & Leadership Skills: (B) HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: (ANY TWO) S.No. Aspects Descriptive Indicators Grade 1 Sports: 2 NCC/ NSS: 3 Swimming: 4 Gymnastics: 5 Yoga: 6 First Aid: 7 Gardening:

41 HEALTH STATUS SELF AWARENESS 1 Height (Cms) 2 Weight (Kg) My Goal:
Strength: My Interest and Hobbies: Responsiblities Discharged / Exceptional Achievements: HEALTH STATUS 1 Height (Cms) 2 Weight (Kg)

42 Thank You

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