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Forces act in pairs.

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1 Forces act in pairs

2 Force engine = thrust friction = drag

3 support = gravity

4 Horizontal forces acting on a moving car thrust( force of the engine) drag( air resistance)

5 Forces acting on an aeroplane lift, drag, gravity, thrust L=W and T=D when the plane is flying at a constant velocity

6 First Law of Motion: Balanced Forces balanced forces = no change in velocity
A stationary object will never move as long as the forces acting on it are balanced.

7 Resultant force gives direction of acceleration
The forces acting on an object moving at a constant velocity(steady speed) are also balanced forces. If the object starts to accelerate or decelerate then the forces will no longer be equal or balanced.

8 What is happening to the helicopter in each picture?

9 Thrust equals weight. Helicopter hovers at a constant altitude.
Weight greater than thrust. Helicopter stays on the helipad or drops in altitude. Thrust is greater than weight. Helicopter takes off and increases in altitude.

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