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1 kareRCIserIsviFIsaRsþGnuvtþKMerag
Chapter 4 kareRCIserIsviFIsaRsþGnuvtþKMerag Selection Of An Appropriate Project Approach

The development of software in-house suggests that the project has certain characteristics: the project team and the users belong to the same organization; the project being considered slot into a portfolio of existing computer-based system; the methodologies and technologies to be used are not selected by the project manager, but are dictated by local standards.

3 An outcome of project analysis will be the selection of the most appropriate methodologies and technologies.

4 Methodologies Waterfall Method V-process Model RAD Spiral Model

5 Waterfall Method Also known as the Traditional method
There is a sequence of activities working from top to bottom.

6 Waterfall Method (con’t)
Advantages: Shorter development time Cost possible Drawbacks: System limitations not being discovered until later in the development cycle Clients not being able to see the product until its is completely finished.

7 Feasibility study User requirements Analysis System design Program design coding Testing operation

8 V-process Model The V-process can be seen as expanding the testing activities in the waterfall model.


10 V-Process Method (con’t)
Advantages: Customer more satisfaction Increased quality Drawbacks: More time More resources

Customers of IT are concerned with getting working business applications delivered quickly and at less cost. A response to this has been Rapid Application Development (RAD).

12 Team #1 Team #2 Team #3 Business Modeling Business Modeling Business Modeling Data Modeling Data Modeling Data Modeling Process Modeling Process Modeling Process Modeling Application Generation Application Generation Application Generation Testing and Turnover Testing and Turnover Testing and Turnover

13 RAD (con’t) Advantages: Drawbacks: Increased speed of development
Increased quality Drawbacks: Reduced scalability Reduced feature Need more resources

14 Spiral Model Is a software development process combining elements of both design and prototyping in stages. Risk analysis Engineering-Design Construction Planning Customer Communication Customer Evaluation

15 Spiral (con’t) Advantages: Drawbacks: Increased quality Less risks
Complexity It is a new model

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