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1/24/2014 I 1 I. 1/24/2014 I 2 I Todays outline – Delivering an Effective Review Introduction Definitions Guidelines Setting and Reviewing Goals Handouts.

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1 1/24/2014 I 1 I

2 1/24/2014 I 2 I Todays outline – Delivering an Effective Review Introduction Definitions Guidelines Setting and Reviewing Goals Handouts and Sample Forms

3 Definitions »Performance Review »Performance Improvement Plan »Probationary Period »Coaching/Counseling

4 1/24/2014 I 4 I Performance Review The analysis of an employees performance at a fixed point in time to determine the degree to which stated goals and objectives have been accomplished. Opportunity to motivate employees Opportunity for the employee to improve performance Protects employers from false claims by former employees

5 1/24/2014 I 5 I Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) A set of explicit goals given to an employee to meet. Goals are usually given as a result of some failure, either dramatic or systemic on the part of the employee. Can be a pre curser to termination Employees are often intimidated by PIPs.

6 1/24/2014 I 6 I Probationary Period Set period of time during which an employee, new to a position, is required to demonstrate fitness for the position by actual performance of the positions duties. Typically required for an original appointment, reinstatement, reemployment to a class not previously held, promotion, voluntary demotion or lateral transfer out of class.

7 1/24/2014 I 7 I Probationary Period Performance reviews and probationary periods Probationary period extensions Termination of employment during a probationary period

8 1/24/2014 I 8 I Coaching/Counseling On-going process of helping employees identify and overcome the hurdles that prevent them from excelling at their jobs. Not telling employees what to do – identifying solutions

9 1/24/2014 I 9 I Coaching/Counseling Not a formal plan of action or documentation, but a discussion. Share observations. Compare and contrast observations with the employees self- assessment.

10 Guidelines »Performance Review »Performance Improvement Plan »Probationary Period »Coaching/Counseling

11 1/24/2014 I 11 I Guidelines: Performance Review No surprises Be consistent and objective Give a balanced picture of the employees strengths and weaknesses Use specific examples of where the employee has met, exceeded or fallen short of expectations.

12 1/24/2014 I 12 I Guidelines: Performance Reviews Cont. Let the employee know the areas that need improvement. Set objective goals for the employee to meet. Where an employees performance is substantially below par, set a date to meet again to review the progress. If the employees failure to improve may lead to disciplinary measures or discharge, state this clearly in the evaluation

13 1/24/2014 I 13 I Guidelines: Performance Reviews Cont. Leave space on the form for the employee to comment on the evaluation and to acknowledge receiving a copy of it. Use the sandwich approach if you are concerned with confronting the employee.

14 1/24/2014 I 14 I Guidelines: Performance Reviews Cont. Focus on workplace performance, not personality Tell it like it is »Be sure the merit raise fits the performance. Giving generous increases or promotions to poor or mediocre performers means you dont take the criticisms in your evaluation report seriously, so why should the employee? »Likewise, dont give glowing praise in report after report to make the employee feel good and then fire them for a single infraction. That strikes most people as unfair.

15 1/24/2014 I 15 I Guidelines: Performance Improvement Plans State performance to be improved; be specific and cite examples State the level of work performance expectation and that it must be performed on a consistent basis. Identify and specify the support and resources you will provide to assist the employee.

16 1/24/2014 I 16 I Guidelines: Performance Improvement Plans Communicate your plan for providing feedback to the employee. Specify meeting times, with whom and how often. Specify the measurements you will consider in evaluating progress. Be sure these are reasonable and attainable. Specify possible consequences if performance standards are not met. This is not an employee Warning Notice.

17 1/24/2014 I 17 I Guidelines: Probationary Period Evaluation of performance at conclusion of probationary period Extension of probationary period if performance is below expectations Termination of employment during a probationary period

18 1/24/2014 I 18 I Guidelines: Probationary PeriodCont. Employment At Will »Race, Color, Religion and National Origin »Age, Gender, Pregnancy, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity »Sexual Harassment »Disability »Lie detector »Alien Status »Safety or Health Conditions »Breach of Contract »Good Faith and Fair Dealing »Public Policy

19 1/24/2014 I 19 I Guidelines: Coaching/Counseling Prepare to talk to the employee. Think about the message you want to send. List the job behaviors and competencies that are most important to the position. Compare the observed behavior of the employee with ideal behaviors. Invite the employee to provide a self-assessment as a means of initiating a coaching session.

20 1/24/2014 I 20 I Guidelines: Coaching/Counseling Cont. Share the observation with the employee. Compare and contrast observations with the employees self-assessment. Ask questions about what could be changed or modified so the ideal performance standards are reached. Develop a course of action to obtain the preferred behavior. Coach the employee to choose the direction that leads to positive change.

21 1/24/2014 I 21 I Guidelines: Coaching/Counseling Cont. Make observations and note what works and what does not as the employee strives to make changes. Summarize observations to the employee and verify that there is understanding of what was observed. Provide immediate feedback. Set a time and place for future coaching sessions, if needed.

22 1/24/2014 I 22 I Guidelines: Coaching/Counseling Cont. Close each coaching session on a positive note. Make a few informal notes on the session for reference during future coaching session or for future disciplinary action, if necessary.

23 Setting and Reviewing Goals and Expectations

24 1/24/2014 I 24 I Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals Specific – A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. Answer: Who, What, Where, When, Which and Why? Measurable – When you measure progress, you stay on track, reach target dates and experience satisfaction of achievement toward your goal. Attainable – You can attain most any goal when you plan your steps wisely and establish a time frame that allows you to carry out those steps. Realistic – A goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work. Timely or Tangible – A goal should be grounded within a timeframe.

25 1/24/2014 I 25 I Cascading Practice Goals Share strategic objectives with all employees throughout the practice – clinical quality, patient volume, patient satisfaction, AR, supply cost savings, etc. Each employee in the practice should be assigned specific goals that support the practices strategic objective.

26 1/24/2014 I 26 I Cascading Practice Goals Cont. Employees must understand the activities they are expected to perform, how their performance will be measured, and how their performance will help the practice achieve its high-level targets. Each goal needs to be weighted so that all employees know where to concentrate their efforts.

27 Handouts - Sample Forms

28 1/24/2014 I 28 I Managing Performance Coaching/Counseling Preparation - Handouts and Sample Forms Summary: Delivering an Effective Review

29 1/24/2014 I 29 I Thank you…..

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