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Theres An App for That: Using Smartphones to Promote Activity Matthew Cummiskey, Ph.D. West Chester University, PA Materials available via website – at.

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1 Theres An App for That: Using Smartphones to Promote Activity Matthew Cummiskey, Ph.D. West Chester University, PA Materials available via website – at end

2 Session Overview Background info Smartphones and apps What are apps How download/install apps How use apps to promote PA Spotlight selected apps Practice

3 Q&A What makes smartphones important tools for promoting physical activity? Can they also do the opposite? Oh yes, think of the TV and computer (depends on their use)

4 Replace existing laptops Merge with tablets Expanding screen 100% internet compatible Source:

5 Growth in Smartphones Also: (Entner, March 2010)

6 Background Info Smartphones v. feature phones Manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc) are less important than operating systems b/c apps are aligned with the OS. What operating systems exist? Applie iOS, Google Android, RIM Blackberry OS, Palm OS, Windows Phone 7, Nokia Symbian OS


8 Why is this impor -tant?

9 NY Times, 3/4/11 (Nielson)

10 Q&A What are apps? Mini-programs specific to an OS How many are available: Apple App Store: 300,000+ Android Marketplace: 100,000+ Installing on a smartphone

11 Guess How many apps are there on the Apple App Store related to health and physical activity Any guesses? Answer: 12,900 healthcare-fitness/id6013?mt=8 Next best question – how many are free :)


13 General Teaching Strategies Use internet based version of apps – can be used on a website or downloaded to a smartphone Advantage – anyone, anywhere can use the app Example: Track the # of calories consumed, share results with friends, plan meals, search for foods online, and incorporate exercise as part of a calorie monitoring program

14 General Teaching Strategies Have one or two smartphones per class to be representative of the entire class. MapMyRun - Archive runs, map route, calculate overall distance, calculate change in elevation, create goals and objectives, compare results with others.



17 General Teaching Strategies Rotate smartphone if unit is long enough. Individually students could be required to print out their workout reports and submit for a grade.

18 General Teaching Strategies Smartphone only apps like Yoga Free: 200 Poses and Classes 1. Play the apps audio through speakers while the teacher duplicates the apps generated on the smartphone 2. #1 for audio and project the app onto a screen through a digital projector 3. Have a selected # of smartphones (school or student owned) and follow the routines in small groups

19 Selected Apps - free unless indicated Walk n' Play – allows users to track their PA and compete with other users; can create customized profiles and compete online against other users or computer simulations. Fitness Free - 300 exercises grouped according to body parts, muscles and equipment. Includes three prepared routines as well as ability to track weights, sets and repetitions.

20 Selected Apps Daily Butt Workout Free – five minute video of exercises. Ballroom Dancing Basics 1 ($0.99) – teaches the steps for 10 major ballroom dances, includes color pictures, step placement indicators, and directional arrows.

21 Selected Apps Bench Press Lite – strength measure that uses a one repetition max bench press while adjusting for age, sex and weight – strength is relative. Playback – users capture video of self performing a skill and compare to a checklist. This can be done individually or in groups.

22 Selected Apps Heart Rate – Free – measures heart rate via built in camera. Detects changes in finger skin color corresponding to heartbeats Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator – calculates training zone with ability to adjust upper and lower limits depending on activity. Includes charts and a pulse oximeter.

23 Selected Apps Learn to Dance Salsa – two hours of instructional videos designed to teach the salsa in a step-by-step fashion. THI Personal Trainer Lite – includes full workouts, 3D demonstrations, and a virtual personal trainer. Fitness Pro - has over 450 exercises with pictures, the ability to create routines, log results, and graphs.

24 Selected Apps Pedometer FREE (Dr. Oz) – Calculates steps while walking, running or jogging. Measures distance, time, calories burned, speed and pace. Creates logs, calculates BMI and can export results to a spreadsheet file. The North Face Trailhead – locates hiking trails/bike routes based upon users location, over 300,000 available.

25 Selected Apps Nike Women Training Club – addresses five areas of fitness (cardio, core, strength, balance and flexibility) through videos, drills and a workout schedule. Friends can work towards common goals or compete for most improved. Stopwatch – basic functions of stop, start and reset.

26 Selected Apps Pace Yourself Lite – calculates pace, distance and time based upon the other two variables. RightBrain Golf Lite – view swing demonstrations by a PGA tour player overlaid with audio cues. Focuses on mental training and visualization.

27 Selected Apps Virtual Tennis Coach – learn from Lleyton Hewitts former coach how to serve and volley from videos. CPR Hero – can be used for training purposes or in the event of an emergency. Includes pacing, counts, breaths, verbal guidance and an in- app 911 calling feature.

28 Selected Apps Attendance ($3.99) – record class attendance and schedule meetings. Student information can be uploaded from a spreadsheet file or address book. Photographs of students may be displayed next to their name. QRS Reader (free local if under 100)– similar to geocashing (have students text location and you reply with next location)

29 Q&A Does anyone presently use smart- phone apps for related to health and/or physical activity not discussed? If so, which one(s)? Responses from attendees: adidasmycoach, runkeeper, livestrong, tabatapro, idemo

30 Selected Apps Health apps as well Health Tips R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calculator BMI Calculator Lite Cigarettes Lite Eye Exam Glucose Buddy Eight Glasses a Day ($0.99) Free Personality Quiz American Health Journal

31 Selected Apps Health apps as well Fertility and Pregnancy Calculator Human Body Facts! iFirstAid Lite 12 Steps AA Companion Relax Test of Life Calorie Counter Portion Control

32 Saving $$ on Internet Typical unlimited internet connections cost $30-$35/month Save money by not purchasing 3G or 4G internet and instead using wifis (hotspots) generated by wireless routers at home or work (Ben Sibley, Appalachian State U). May be difficult to use wifi outside the building on a playing field so ask that a wifi be installed outside in a central location depending on distance from a building.

33 Factors before Buying Try before buy at the Amazon Android app store. If you own a smartphone, experiment with your own first or borrow from a friend Try on a class first and avoid throwing in all at once Pay careful attention to OS

34 Developing Apps

35 Practice Materials:

36 Thanks for attending!!! Materials available at: Presenter: Matthew Cummiskey mcummiskey@wcupa. edu mcummiskey@wcupa. edu

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